What to Know About TMJ

TMJ diseases and disorders are a group of conditions that cause pain in and around the jaw joint

Oral-B A Mouth Full of Answers Presents - What is Plaque? Watch this video to understand how you can prevent plaque on your teeth.

Plaque is an extremely sticky, colorless or pale yellow buildup of bacteria that regularly forms on your teeth. When your saliva food influence combines they produce this buildup which collects where the teeth and gums meet. Plaque contains acids that attack your teeth enamel and can damage the gums. If not treated, the damage could become permanent. When plaque accumulates and is not removed, it can harden, trapping stains and turning into tartar. Tartar is a yellow or brown color deposit that forms when plaque hardens on the tooth. Plaque buildup can lead to gingivitis and gum disease. So it's important to speak to your dental professional about the best form of treatment. If you are experiencing any symptoms make sure you visit a dental professional for a proper checkup. When it comes to plaque and tartar,a clean mouth starts with good brushing. A healthier mouths starts with Oral-B, the number one dentist recommended toothbrush brand worldwide. Also, check out how to remove plaque from your teeth.

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