10 Ways To Use Baking Soda For Teeth Whitening & Improving Overall Dental Hygiene

Our teeth are one of the most attractive features of our body. And having healthy, white teeth has become a really difficult task, what with our hectic lifestyles and our habits that die hard. Baking soda is the best home remedy for healthy and white teeth. We promise!

Baking soda for teeth is not something relevantly new. Since ages, people have been using baking soda to clean their teeth instead of toothpaste. So much so that now even toothpaste companies have started incorporating baking soda for teeth whitening. We have listed some benefits of baking soda for you just in case your teeth have lost their shine!

10 Must Know Benefits Of Baking Soda For Healthy Teeth:

1. You Save Money:

A 100 gm pack of baking soda will cost you less than Rs. 20, but last you for more than any toothpaste would

2. It Polishes Your Teeth:

 The stains on your teeth are just a few uses away from disappearing. Using baking soda with water emits free radicals from the mix, making it easier for the stains to be broken down.3. Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda:

It’s no surprise that once the stains from your teeth are completely gone, they will start to become whiter and healthier in no time. 

  • Regular brushing with baking soda does wonders for yellowish stains on your teeth.
  • Don’t be shy to flash that beautiful smile within a matter of few weeks.

4. Fights Bad Breath:

Using baking powder for teeth is one of the best secrets to prevent a stinky mouth. 

  • You’ll need to mix half a tsp. of baking soda with half a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Rinse your mouth for 5 minutes and lo behold!
  • Your bad breath has magically disappeared!

5. Baking Soda Is Multi-Functional:

  • Baking soda is not only proficient in cleaning your teeth, it can also be used to clean other surfaces and helps in removing stains from your clothes. 
  • So, it’s a good thing to have some at home just in case other things besides your teeth need some scrubbing.

6. Removes Plaque:

  • Besides polishing your teeth and giving them a healthy shine, baking soda also helps    remove the build-up of plaque from your teeth.
  • Additionally, this helps in making your teeth even whiter. 

7. Prevents Tooth-Decay:

  • Baking soda successfully prevents the deposit of plaque from your teeth and removes  stains. 
  • So that leads to tooth decay being just a distant nightmare that you won’t ever have to deal with.
  • Brushing your teeth once a day using baking soda and an Oral B Pro-Health toothbrush makes sure that your teeth remain in proper shape. 

8. Good Bye Gum Troubles:

  • With regular use of baking soda, you can prevent gum problems like gingivitis which causes them to bleed and get sore.
  • Your gums will be as healthy as can be, giving you one more reason to smile.

9. Helps Relieve Ulcer Pains:

  • For some people, ulcers are a real pain as it impairs their function to drink, eat and speak as well. 
  • With the help of some baking soda and warm water rinse, your ulcers should soothe down and hasten healing as well.

10. Improves Oral Health:

Because it keeps your whole mouth clean and healthy including your gums, baking soda helps in improving the overall health of your mouth, preventing many ailments.

Need any more reasons to grin?

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