Learn What Causes Cavities

Oral-B A Mouth Full of Answers Presents - What Causes Cavities? Watch this video to know more.

Tooth decay is the softening of your tooth enamel caused by acids. These acids are created by plaque bacteria breaking down sugar from carbohydrates you eat. They get deposited mainly between your teeth as well as on top of the biting surfaces of your teeth. If not completely removed with brushing and flossing the tooth decay process begins. A plaque bacteria create acidic by-products that eat away the tooth enamel, slowly softening the tooth surface called a cavity. Cavities often cause consistent tooth aches, increased tooth sensitivity and pain and noticeable holes and pits in the affected tooth. If you are experiencing any signs of tooth decay or a cavity, see a dental professional immediately. When it comes to tooth decay and cavities healthier mouths starts with good brushing habits. And healthier mouths start with Oral-B, the number one dentist recommended to fresh brand worldwide. Also, check out how to prevent cavities with these 5 tips.

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