Oral-B Pro Health Gumcare Toothbrush

Watch this video to understand the features of the Oral-B Pro Health Gumcare Toothbrush.

Introducing Oral-B Pro Health Gumcare Toothbrush designed to provide gentle but powerful cleaning for healthy gums. This brush features crisscross 15 degrees angle bristles to remove 90% plaque even in hard to reach areas of your mouth. A power tip ensures that it reaches areas in the back of your mouth. All bristles are end-rounded so that while brushing it doesn't scratch the gums. This brush also has a gum massager that gently stimulates the gums and also has an ergonomically designed handle that has rubber for firmer grip and extra control during brushing. Get healthier gums in just 4 weeks with Oral-B.

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nice This is a very useful, i love this product.

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I m using oral mechinised tooth brush from last 20 years it's too good ,

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