Do these 5 Things To Stop Caring About GettingDental Caries.

5 Ways to Prevent Onset of Dental Cavities

Brushing twice a day is not enough to keep cavities, or dental caries as they are called, at bay.

Dental caries or tooth cavity is one of the most common dental ailments. A result of tooth decay over a prolonged period of time, they can be dangerous, leading to a number of other health complications. While our mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, certain bacteria use sugars in our food to make acids, which in turn make a hole in the tooth known as a cavity. Cavities can also cause toothaches. 

How To Prevent Cavities:

1. Brush right for cavity-free teeth: Start by using a brush that has soft bristles; replace it every three months and use a fluoride rich toothpaste. These are your weapons in the fight against cavities. When you brush, use gentle yet firm strokes going carefully from the gums to the tips of the teeth. Brushing before bed is particularly important as bacteria linger on your teeth overnight, which can result in harmful enamel-damaging acid formation. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after every meal.

2. Floss daily to prevent cavity formation between teeth: The worst cavities are the ones that are formed between the teeth. Your toothbrush cannot reach the crevices between your teeth so daily flossing is a must. It’s recommended that you floss just before brushing your teeth to loosen debris that can then be cleaned away with your toothbrush.

3. Go sugar-free to avoid cavity formation: Sugary, sticky snacks are bad for your teeth as they can lead to tooth decay. The more time you keep sweets or sticky foods in your mouth, the worse it’s going to be, because you’ll be creating enamel-corroding acid for longer. If you must eat sweets, make sure to brush afterwards or at least rinse your mouth.


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4. Quit smoking for healthy teeth: Cigarettes are the number one enemy of oral health. Not only do they cause dulling and yellowing of teeth but by smoking,you’re taking in toxic substances through your mouth. Harmful bacteria can stick to these substances and then begin to create acid, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

5. Eat cavity fighting foods: Chewing sugar-free gum is great for oral hygiene as it allows saliva formation in the mouth, which in turn has anti-bacterial properties that fights cavities. Cheese and raisins are great cavity-fighting foods, rich in nutrients that promote healthy teeth. The saliva in our mouth, with the help of water and teeth-friendly foods, helps repair the enamel of our teeth after the acid attack and prevents cavities.

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