Care Is All You Need To Make Dentures Last Longer

7 Denture Care Tips So They Can Last Longer

Just like real teeth, dentures need to be cleaned and brushed every day to remove food particles and to prevent depositing of plaque.

Oral hygiene is much better than it used to be. Today, there are lesser instances of dental problems. Yet, one out of every four people above the age of 65 has a full or partial set of dental implants.

To ensure that the dentures last the 6-7 years they are meant to, it is important to maintain them well. Proper denture care is important for both the health of your artificial teeth and mouth.

How To Care For & Clean Your Dentures:

Handle dentures with great care

Always handle dentures over a thick folded cloth or a full sink of water to break the fall if you drop them.

Brush and rinse dentures daily, but not with toothpaste

Like natural teeth, dentures too need daily cleaning to dislodge trapped food and prevent plaque build-up. Brushing also prevents staining of the dentures. Choose a brush meant for dentures. Do not use toothpaste. It is good for real teeth but abrasive on artificial dentures. It can create microscopic scratches that trap food and plaque. Don’t forget to wash your dentures after eating.

Clean your denture with a denture cleaner

Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid is ideal for denture care. The market also has ultrasonic cleaners that use water and sound waves to loosen food and plaque deposits. Use of these cleaners doesn’t replace daily brushing.

Care for your dentures even when not wearing them


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Keep dentures moist when not worn. This is to prevent them from drying out or losing their shape. Use a denture cleanser solution or plain water. Check with your dentist in case of metal parts. Never use hot or warm water which can alter the shape of your dentures.

Do not adjust or repair dentures by yourself

New dentures often require few extra sittings before they feel comfortable. Do not adjust or repair your dentures by yourself as this could weaken it or permanently alter the shape.

Clean your mouth as well as your gums

Remember to thoroughly clean your gums, tongue and palate during your daily brushing before you wear your denture. Even a partial denture needs to be removed before brushing your teeth. Also clean the teeth below the metal clasps. Any trapped plaque will lead to accelerated tooth decay. Gargle with warm salted water daily to wash your gums.

Visit the dentist every six month

Your dentist or prosthodontist will tell you how often you need to visit, but once in six months is ideal. Regular visits are important so your dentist can check your dentures and mouth for a proper fit, to clean your teeth and to look for signs of any mouth diseases including cancer.

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