Zumba Fitness is the latest trend, keeping fit while having fun!

Zumba - A Combination of Fitness & Fun

Are you tired of the usual ‘legs, bums and tums” classes at the gym? Are you bored of the treadmill? Well today you can keep fit while having fun with Zumba.

Having landed in Italy some years ago, directly from the States, it became infectious, achieving unprecedented success, thanks to its frenetic rhythm and irresistible joy. If you follow a lesson, you will quickly understand why zumbamania has taken over.

What is Zumba?

Exhilirating latin-american music mixed with some meringue and samba moves, a hint of belly-dancing, a reference to hiphop and, hidden here and there among the most entertaining choreography, a couple of squats and a sequence of abdominal-strengthening twists.

Zumba is here, full of high spirits and movement. The training ensures you get a toned and contoured body without a moment of boredom. The high-impact lessons are therefore great for activating the metabolism, burning calories and pumping up the heart.

Mix of rhythms

It is precisely this measured mix of rhythms and steps which affirms the great success of Zumba. One of the most effective workouts for the entire body, not only to regain form and tone but also to improve coordination, achieve a more elegant posture and more fluid movement. The rhythm of the music gets all the muscles into gear, straightens the back and raises the shoulders. The best part is that you do it without even noticing, having fun above everything else.


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Almost a game

Dance isn't your forte? Have no fear! Zumba classes are suitable for everyone because the steps are simple and after the initial feeling of disorientation, following the steps is almost a game. And making a few mistakes is absolutely allowed, in fact, it’s all part of the fun! Never take yourself too seriously

Zumba with weights

To its loyal followers, Zumba remains a continuous series of surprises. Alongside the traditional classes, there are those that use weights similar to maracas which increase the rhythm and pitch, classes using seats aimed at strengthening the upper body, and those in water which combine typical Zumba choreography with water aerobics, in a workout that ensures the effects are clearly visible in the mirror within a few classes.

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