Fad vs Fat: when weight loss is a constant battle

Fad vs Fat: How To Choose A Weight Loss Diet Plan

There are so many weight loss diets to choose from. You’ll be bombarded with free advice too. The best approach is to choose one that fits your goals and lifestyle. Here’s how you can approach the issue and find a sustainable plan.

7 Tips on choosing the right weight loss diet plan:

#1 Talk to your doctor:  Your doctor is the best person to help as he or she knows your medical history.  If you have any medical issue, discuss this in depth and work around fitting this in your weight loss plan without compromising on your health or safety.

#2 Account for your needs: There’s no “one size fits all” plan.  Since you know your lifestyle best, pick one which is realistic and doable.  You also know your success rate with other diets.  Do you need a supportive group environment, professional monitoring or can you do it alone?  Some diets may need you to buy supplements.  These are expensive but before checking if it fits in your budget, check with your doctor. 

#3 Slow and steady:  You will see and hear about diets which promise dramatic results.  The faster you lose, the faster it comes back, once you get off the diet.  The best way to lose weight is by losing it slowly and steadily.  This helps keep the weight off longer.  All said and done, if you have health issues, make sure that you are working with your doctor.  

#4 Be flexible with food:  Make sure the diet includes every food group.  If you are vegetarian or vegan, find viable and good substitutes.  If you are religious and fast regularly, rework your food requirements accordingly. You should be able to indulge occasionally.

#5 Maintain balance:  A good weight loss diet would include the necessary nutrients and calories so that you eat well and function well.  Diets which exclude entire good groups are not safe or sustainable.

#6 Little pleasures:  A good diet lets you eat foods you like in moderation.  No deprivation whatsoever.  If it becomes restrictive, it will feel like a task and not be doable.

#7 Exercise is a must:  Pick a diet plan which has activities to meet your specific needs.  Exercising and cutting just a few calories a day will help you shed the weight faster.  Working out will make you feel happier, sleep well and also boost your immune system.  The weight loss then becomes a good side effect.

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Some well-known weight loss diets:

There are a lot of fad diets out there and every one offers shot term results.  The challenge is to keep the weight off forever.  Here’s a look at some the better known ones.

#1 Balanced Diets: These include DASH, the Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers and Mayo Clinic.  These are flexible and nutritionally balanced.  The emphasis is on permanent change and exercise is a big part. Having amla in your daily diet can help in weight loss. Check out these health benefits of amla for weight loss.

#2 Fad Diets:  Cabbage soup/raw food/detox/grapefruit.  These are very restrictive and inflexible.  Not sustainable over the long term.

#3 Glycaemic Index: This is not a flexible diet as it tries to eliminate foods like bread and pasta.  Exercise is optional and may not be sustainable long term.

#4 High Protein Diets:  Atkins/Dukan.  Here carbs are severely restricted and deficiencies are possible.  Excess protein could also damage the kidneys in the long run.  Exercise is optional and long term health issues are not known.

#5 Low Fat Diets:  The Ornish diet was tailored to help people with serious heart problems.  It is not very flexible and may need supplements to counter deficits from food.  Exercising is necessary and may not be sustainable long term.

#6 Meal Replacement Diets:  Not flexible as they require purchasing products.  Balance may be possible but prohibitive cost wise.

#7 Very Low Calorie Diets:  Neither flexible nor sustainable.  Only short term use for obvious reasons.

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