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Treat High Fever & High Temperature With These Simple Tips

Be your family’s guru of good health by understanding the difference between just feeling hot and having a proper fever, and learn what to do next.

What’s a normal temperature?
About 36 to 37°C – anything above that is a high temperature. It’s probably not a sign of illness unless it’s reached 38.5°C but anything over 37°C should be monitored to see how it develops.

What’s a fever?
• A fever in a child under 5 would be a reading over 37.5°C.
• A fever in a child over 5 or an adult would be 38°C or over.
• If it hits 41°C it’s a serious fever and urgent medical attention is needed.

What to do

• Cool the patient down gently by removing layers of clothes. If you open windows make sure it doesn’t get too chilly and that there isn’t a draught.
• Give plenty of water. 
• Keep track of the temperature by taking a reading every few hours, especially if the person who’s ill is feeling worse. If there’s no improvement and you’re not sure what’s causing the temperature, seek medical advice.


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Savvy tip
Take a reading from each of your family when they are healthy so you know what level is ‘normal’ – some people are naturally hotter than others. An ear thermometer can be the easiest way to read a child’s temperature.

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