Weight Loss The Easy Way

Discover How to Lose Weight Fast With Diet Control & Detoxification

It’s that time of the year when the parties come and go, but the extra weight gain doesn’t. It just stays there, comfortably lodged on your tummy and thighs and other unwanted places. Don’t worry. Taking it off can be just as easy as putting it on.

Every year ends with the same story; a deluge of binge partying and drinking. Every year also begins with the same story; a horrified scream when you stand on the weighing scale. This is all the incentive you need to make a die-hard new year resolution to kick off those extra pounds. So what will your diet dictionary consist of this time? No carb. Low carb. High protein. Low fat. Or something new?

Like we said, it’s the same story every year, but you don’t have to pull out the plug and go full throttle with drastic dietary measures. Fad diets display unbelievable results almost immediately, but if you’re thinking of how to lose weight fast and want the extra kilos to stay off for longer, these weight loss tips for women can be equally miraculous.


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10 Essential Tips to Lose Weight Fast without Any Safety Compromises

  1. Junk the junk: It’s the right time to eat right. Switch processed and junk food for tons of whole grains, fruits and veggies.  Yes, an indulgence is allowed but only occasionally, not more than once a week, and keep the portions small. This will still help fulfil those cravings.
  2. Create thirst: Gulp down at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Maintain a water schedule. Water also gives you a feeling of fullness which will reduce your appetite.
  3. Small is all: Use measuring cups to measure your portions.  Serve yourself in a salad plate instead of a regular plate. Watch how much you actually eat.
  4. Snack right: Snacking isn’t unhealthy as long as you snack right. Switch to fruits, veggies and nuts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruit. Make smart food choices.
  5. Starving is stupid: Starving only makes you lose muscle which in turn helps the fat accumulate. Just as you exercise your body, exercise your metabolic rate and keep it active by eating small and frequent meals. 
  6. Daylong detox: A detoxification diet is a great way to cleanse your body and give it a break from the usual foods. Indulge in some fat-flushing fruits and veggies. For best results, follow a diet prescribed by a nutritionist.
  7. Partner with proteinProteins have a low glycaemic index. Apart from grilled chicken and fish, there is an equally exciting menu for vegetarians which includes dal, soups, paneer, tofu, soya, you name it.
  8. Soup saver: Soups get you to eat healthy veggies you are not that crazy about. It’s also a great way to cut back on portions and calories. If you don’t strain the roughage, a good soup can be as filling as a full meal.
  9. Maintain balance: If you’re a fan of fad diets, you’re better off not dieting as you’re losing out on the essential nutrients and calories that are essential to function well. Besides, fad diets put back on the pounds just as fast as they take them off.  Stay away from diets that exclude entire good groups.
  10. Exercise daily: Whether it’s a 10 minute intensive workout, a 30 min cardio routine or strength training in the gym, cutting just a few calories a day will help you shed the weight fasterand boostyour immune system.  You’ll also feel much happier and soon will treat the weight loss as a side effect.

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