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Tips for living stress free

Stress does not have to be a part of your day. Find some precious tips here for living free of stress!

There are moments in our lives that, for one reason or another, make us more anxious, worried and impatient. Stress knocks on our "door" and we end up losing discernment and the ability to choose the best options.

Follow our tips and live a stress free life...

Not everything is perfect
We often create expectations that do not match reality and we end up having difficulty accepting this fact. Do not worry too much with the details and face setbacks as a way of learning to think and act differently from what you are accustomed to, without it becoming a negative thing.

Avoid the superficial
We should increasingly be more concerned with what really matters: our family, our friends and our well being. Avoid wasting precious time with mundane things anf futile discussions. Look for the positive side of things, dituations and people. Be happy!

If possible, help who needs it the most, participating in volunteer activities, for example. You will feel useful and notice that there are problems more serious than yours (and thus learn to relativize them).


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It is important that your family life has a well distributed set of schedules and chores (household duties, for example, shared by all living in the house). This is the only way you can reduce moments of stress, keeping the balance necessary for a more restful day.

We know it is not that east at times, in the middle of daily routines, we just think of ourselves. However, this is a fundamental step that can "breathe" inner peace and positive energy (that others will then see).

If you cannot schedule a massage now, take advantage of your lunchtime and take a relaxing walk, to go window shopping, and look at passers by. Phone a friend and chat. Laugh. Reac a book and listen to music on the way to work/home. What matters is to detatch yourself a little from everything that is around you, leaving you more relaxed and ready to face your daily challenges more naturally and... stress free!

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