Three steps to becoming a supermom!

Cold and Flu Remedies for Your Family

Moms, we know how tiring it can get to take care of your children the moment they fall sick (yes, especially the Man Child).

Fret not! These flu-busting strategies can help safeguard your family against the cold-and-flu double whammy all year round:
  1. GET TOUGH - boost your family’s immune system

    Turn your body into armour, making it difficult for the cold virus to penetrate, even at the peak of cold and flu season:

    • Don’t stress. Did you know that a person becomes more susceptible to cold when physically or emotionally stressed? Instead of stressing and inviting colds into your system, relax and calmly resolve your problems.

    • Sleep 8 hours EVERY night. When you consistently clock in a proper amount of sleep time, your body gets to rest, repair cells and recharge your system.

    • Eat right and get moving. Load up on fruits and veggies to give your body natural immunity. Then turn yourself into a lean cold-fighting machine with at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three times (or more) a week.

    • Get a flu shot. It’s your secret weapon for fighting the flu bug.

  2. SHIELD UP — guard your man and kids from germs

    Leave cold-causing microbes where you found them with these three hygienic habits:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly – for 20 seconds. And explain to your hubby why he must wash his. It takes 20 seconds to properly wash your hands.

    • Sanitize on the go. Stick a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your hubby’s office bag or coat pocket for clean hands anytime, anywhere.

    • Disinfect hubby’s work desk at home – and ask him to do the same at the office. Keyboard? Mouse? Phone? All hot spots for germs and viruses! Use disinfectant wipes to wipe everything on your hardworking man’s desk at home, and make sure he brings a packet to use on his office desk.

  3. GET READY TO STRIKE – once your Man Child gets the cold

    Don’t wait till you hear sniffles — stock up on essential tried-and-tested remedies, like getting yourself a jar of Vicks VapoRub. Make sure you’re 100% prepared before a cold sends anyone in the family to bed!


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