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The Temptation of Tomorrow

Putting tasks off is natural, but when you’re constantly playing catch-up, it’s time to get organized.

Being chased for overdue commitments is an unpleasant experience. Aside from irritating people, procrastinating does very little to balance your stress levels or advance your reputation, career or relationships.

Why do we procrastinate?
It maybe because you’ re tired or unmotivated but often procrastination is driven by anxiety and fear. These stall the creative process, which results in inaction. In other words, you’ re trying to avoid negative and uncomfortable feelings by procrastinating something that’ s causing you to feel anxious, fearful or insecure.

How do you distinguish between the two?
When you’ re not meeting deadlines, when you’ re missing opportunities, when your work’ s rushed or incomplete, when you’ re failing to meet standards and feeling sad, guilty, angry or ashamed, you’ re likely to be procrastinating.

Continually keeping others waiting for things you’ ve undertaken to do, can be extremely annoying, unprofessional and – ultimately – selfish. In a relationship, it can be equally frustrating.

You can’ t expect to reach higher levels of success, meaning and fulfilment unless you’ re pushing yourself consistently to do something new. If you’ re consumed by yesterday’ s work or last year’ s life goals, you’ re basically trying to catch up with the past instead of looking to the future. So regaining control of your time is paramount.

Start at the beginning of tasks. Set aside some time to ponder your current situation. Put together a plan of action and break it down to a series of smaller steps. Work on a realistic time frame for each step.


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At the end of each day review your actions and see if they’ ve resulted in the outcomes you expected. If they haven’ t, keep monitoring your progress until the actions you’ re taking every day produce the desired results

Sometimes people – especially those who might be naturally impulsive – need to step back and take a second look at things. In such a case, procrastination may help buy us enough time to make a definite decision about something, or simply allow an alternative idea or option to take root and develop. The key is finding a balance between acting on impulse and never acting at all.

4 time management tips

  1. Keep a diary.
  2. Draw up a schedule of daily, weekly and monthly activities.
  3. Prioritise important tasks.
  4. Learn to say “ no” or delegate unimportant or low-priority tasks.

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