The Secret to Strength Training: Exercise in 30 Minutes a Day

The Secret to Strength Training: Exercise in 30 Minutes a Day

Work smarter — not harder — and get real workouts in 30 minutes or less.

Getting in shape sometimes feels so overwhelming. Where do we even begin — and how will we ever find the time to do it?

What if we told you there were many ways to get in shape with just 30 minutes or less a day? You would absolutely start tomorrow, right? (OK, maybe Monday is a better day.) Consult with your physician about starting a new exercise routine and then check out the latest advice we got from an expert trainer on integrating a quick workout into your daily routine.

Trainer and Pilates instructor Clare Smith of Peak313 Fitness tells us that her secret to 30 minutes of strength training is to hit the large muscle groups quickly by rotating between strength and cardio burst moves. This way you can get a full body heart-pumping workout that blasts fat and builds muscle.

Her advice? Think of creating a routine in circuits, complete with a strength move, a core move and a cardio burst. Create two or three circuits, and complete them two or three times depending on how much time you have.

The exercises will depend on what type of equipment you have available as well. There are plenty of exercises that use bodyweight only that are very effective (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, lunges) but if you need to take it up a notch, add a set of dumbbells, a medicine ball or a resistance band.

Great core exercises to choose from include planks, pull the rope, side planks, and/or medicine ball twists. (That one kills — but so good!)

And then don't forget the cardio burst! This will keep your heart rate high and help you burn the fat! Grab a stopwatch, jam your music and hit it hard! Adjust the time you do it to your fitness level, but be sure to push yourself each time. Some great cardio burst ideas include burpees, mountain climbers, box jumps, jumping lunges and/or jump roping!


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Finally, don't forget to stretch out a little before and after. You don't want to jump into an intense workout without warm muscles just as you don't want to leave without a little stretch after!

Prefer an already designed just-have-to-follow-along gym program to motivate you instead? There are definitely various popular workouts in gyms now that take your strength building to the next level (or beginner level!) in a quick 30 minutes or less. Call around to local gyms or search the web. You will be amazed at your many options.

If getting to a gym seems impossible, a DVD or online program that you can do from the comfort of your home might be a better idea. Trainers are realizing that people these days need a great workout in a short amount of time, so you have many options to choose from based on what your workout style or level may be. One great tip is to look for DVDs that focus on whole body strength — not just cardio — in 30 minutes or less. Trust us, your search will not come up short. And the nice thing about this is that not only is the workout already prepared for you, but also you save even more time by not having to leave the comfort of your home.

So you see, long gone are the days of spending hours at the gym pumping iron. As one trainer, Benji Kare told us, “It’s really all about working smarter, not harder.”

And with these tips and ideas, we are sure you’ll have no trouble finding 30-minute success.

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