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The right pillow for every sleeping position

Are all pillows the same? Far from it! Back, side and tummy sleepers have different needs depending on the position they sleep in. Find out on for me, which pillow is right for you.

Back sleeper


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The ideal pillow for back sleepers has a filling which gives a little, but which also supports the head and neck. The best fillings are made from feathers and down or microfiber pellets. Neck support pillows are also suitable. The pillow shouldn't be too high so that muscles are prevented from tensing up. Pillows or neck support pillows with removable filling or pads are ideal.

Side sleepers

Do you prefer to sleep on your side? Then use a pillow which molds itself to the shoulder-neck triangle and stabilizes the head. This prevents the cervical spine being bent or hyperextended. A neck support pillow can also serve the purpose. But stay away from too soft pillows: They are not stable enough and don't provide adequate support for your head when you're lying on your side.

Tummy sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your tummy, your best choice is a natural hair or down pillow whose filling can be easily removed and reduced. Why? If the pillow is too high the cervical spine is hyperextended and you're likely to experience muscle tension in the shoulders and neck . But if the filling is removable and you can choose how much filling you have, your pillow will be flat, but comfortable.

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