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Actual Meaning Of Different Terms Of Endearment

What does your pet name say about your relationship?

Dollface. Cutie Pie. Sugar Lips. Cuddle Bug.
Stop me if you’re feeling ill. We all know that couple. Hey, maybe you are that couple; the ones who coo at each other from across the dinner table. You might think it’s just a cute habit, but what does your pet name say about who you are as a couple?

The edible

Examples:  Muffin, Cookie, Pumpkin, Lollipop, Sweetie Pie, Pudding

Maybe you’re very sweet-natured. Maybe you like to bake. Just don’t expect people to take you seriously, Cupcake.

The generic

Examples: Angel, Darling, Sweetheart, Honey, Baby, Love

Ah, the standard-issue nickname. Safe, sweet, doesn’t generally make other people cringe. Not very original – but that might just be a good thing.

The passive aggressive

Examples: Dirtbag, Dummy, Fatty

Saying it with a smile really doesn’t make it any better. If anything, it’s creeping us all out. Maybe it’s time you saw a therapist to work on those unresolved issues. At the very least, work on hiding them.

The diminutive

Examples: Pookie, Munchkin, Bunny Boo, Wifey, Coochie Bear

How do I break this to you gently? Do you find that your friends tend to make gagging sounds or mime hanging themselves when you and your iddy biddy widdle Huggy Bear do your adorable baby talking thing? There’s a reason for that. Think it over.


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The parents

Examples: Mommy, Daddy, Papa Bear, Mumsie

‘Mummy, can you pass me the wine?’ ‘Does Papa want some more mashed potatoes?’ Here’s a thought: if the kids aren’t around, you can just call each other by your real names. And if they’re well into their teens, odds are you’re embarrassing them enough as it is.

The PG13

Examples: Lover, Stud, Sugarmama, Hot Stuff, Big Daddy, Tiger

Seriously. Get a room.

Honey, I'm home!
Are you for or against cutesy pet names? There are compelling arguments for both sides:

For it
According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, couples who used pet names and communicated in their own shorthand’ were more satisfied with their relationships. Using nicknames and made-up language is an easy way to inject positive communication into everyday life.

Against it
On the other hand, using cutesy pet names can put a damper on your sex life.  When you’re both calling each other “Honey” a small part of your identity is being eroded. Each time you continue to call each other a pet name, you chip away at the fact that you are two whole, separate sexual people.

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