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Workout Ideas for Couples

Keeping fit is fine, but exercising with the person you love is even better! An excellent opportunity for spending time together and, at the same time, forgetting the stresses and strains of the daily grind.


This is good for: All the muscles in the body. But it's the heart that derives the most benefit because running, as an endurance sport, exercises the cardiovascular system. If you manage 30-45 minutes a week, you will find your calf muscles, your thighs and hamstrings nicely toned and shapely! Biceps and abdominal and chest muscles all benefit as well because, contrary to received wisdom, running involves the upper body as well, due to the movement of the arms.

How to achieve this as a couple? It depends on each other's level. If your husband is addicted to running, don't try to go with him! But ask him to run the first ten minutes with you and then let him take off at his own pace. This will be a sort of warm up for him and you can then continue at your own speed, having shared his favourite sport with him. If, however, he is a beginner like you, or is restarting, run together progressively. It's always easier to push the limits when there are two of you. Start with short sessions of 15 minutes or so, and build up over the following weeks.

Where to run? In the woods or the parks around town. What's important is to be able to relax and allow the daily tensions to dissipate.

And the bonus? The stretching afterwards, a key moment! Ask your other half to help you stretch. For thigh stretching, one of you lies down with one leg bent on the ground, the other leg stretched out in the air. The other person pushes on the leg in the air.

Roller skating

This is good for: the buttock muscles and for shaping the legs. By pushing on your legs, your muscles are all called into action, but so are all your joints. This is a good way of staving off rheumatism and other afflictions linked to those somewhat uncomfortable postures adopted during the day.

How to achieve this as a couple? If this is the first time either of you has attempted roller-skates, then it's an ideal opportunity to learn together. Start by choosing straight lines or reserved areas. With your partner behind, his hands on your hips, you will learn and gain confidence together. Once you have that bit of confidence, then you can start longer trips, hand in hand.


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Where to do it? Very often specific tracks have been set up to accommodate this sporton wide avenues, by the seaside or in parks. And if you are really motivated, why not do the Saturday morning shopping on rollers?

And the bonus? Spins and laughter are part and parcel of this sport, which is a fine way of getting closer to someone and getting out and about in the fresh air.

Indoor sports

This is good for: everything! In most clubs you are almost spoilt for choice of activity. The classes on offer can also be an excellent way of discovering a new discipline or of performing movements and exercises that you would never do on your own.

Also, check out what is zumba and how it can help you stay fit here.

How to achieve this as a couple? In a club you can choose the apparatus or the class suited to your level, your desires or your stamina. Thus you can choose a course that suits you both or just pedal, row or 'run' on all the machines at your disposal. Even if your objectives are not the same, the advantage of an indoor fitness centre is that the services on offer can be tailored to each different person. And don't forget synchronised swimming, even though it is thought to be only for ladies - your partner will be surprised by the effort required!

And the bonus? Certain clubs provide a child-minding service with interesting rates for couples. Don't be afraid to ask!

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