Have a Proper Sleep Everyday by Reward Me

Things To Know To Sleep Well

Sleeping well is essential to physically and mentally recover. Follow our simple advice to sleep well.

Basic behaviors for sleeping well:

  • Sleep at least seven hours per day.
  • Avoid laying down with unresolved problems on your mind.
  • Relax prior to laying down: watching TV or going on the computer prior to sleeping is half-way to having difficulties in sleeping Read a book or simply talk.

Did you know that...
... sleeping less than recommended leaves you more irritable and intolerant when facing stressful situations? You are more calm too after a night of good sleep.


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Did you know that...
... if you do not sleep enough you will have more difficulties performing some tasks, because your are more tired and have poorer motor coordination? Furthermore, you will have more difficulty in concentrating, which will be reflected in the quality of your work, for example.

Did you know that...
... with fewer hours of sleep you will desire to eat more? This is because the levels of ghrelin (the hormone that controls appetite) rise and on top of that "force" you to choose foods with more calories.

Did you know that...
... sexual appetite may also be reduced with little sleep? The truth is that less sleep increases the cortisol level (the stress hormone), reducing your levels of testosterone.

Did you know that...
... without at least seven hours of sleep per day, you have a three time greater chance of being constipated?

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