Myth-busting: does being cold cause a cold?

Myth-Busting: Does Being Cold Cause A Cold?

Verdict’s out - you cannot catch a cold virus simply from prolonged exposure to cold air.

According to the American Lung Association®, cold and flu symptoms generally hit us during colder months, when viruses virtually take over and start knocking everyone out with all kinds of infections — most notably, the big, bad sniffles. But despite how it got its name, the cold culprit is not the weather outside.

During winter season, more people congregate indoors – sharing warmer confines, swapping stories over a hot cuppa choco... and trading germs. It takes any of some 200 types of viruses to bring about a cold. But it takes only one sneezy, coughy person three feet away to send a roomful of noses running. Cold-proof tip: Limit time spent around snifflers. Not possible? Then wash hands frequently and don’t share items you use on your mouth and nose. Stop the spread of nasty sniffs n’ sneezes at home with tried-and-true household germ-busting tips.


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Got caught in the rain? Stayed outdoors on a chilly night? A/C blowing directly on your face at work? These are all chill-inducing situations, indeed... but not enough to knock you out flat with the cold and flu. One may start sniffling under these circumstances because of poor immunity, making you a virtual ‘cold magnet’. Cold-proof tip: Build up your resistance – sleep right, eat right and exercise. And don’t forget, stay warm!

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