Menstrual taboos – still a reality in urban India

Menstrual Taboos Still Present In Urban India

A shocking 59% of Urban Indian women don’t touch the pickle during period

Why do they tell women not to water plants, not to venture out of their homes and wash their hair only on the 4th day of their menses? In the age of progressive India an Intriguing 54% of urban women still believe in not watering plants during periods and while we see that Women contribute to almost half the population of the country’s work force, a total of 52% urban women do not prefer venturing out of their homes during periods.  While most women feel compelled by circumstances to face some of the common menstrual taboos, 86% women feel they should learn to talk openly about menstruation.

The survey results saw a striking disparity across regions in the various taboos followed by Urban Indian women. While 82% of women in West feel that monthly menstruation cycle prevents them from achieving their full potential in comparison to 50% women in the east. Survey revelations also included 48% of married women in North don’t share the same room with their husband during Periods vs 8% women in South. South India saw a immense 55% of women still following menstruation related rules & restrictions handed down by elders as compared to 40% in Western India. A vast 61% of families in South India  treat their women as impure during periods.

These taboos affect the normal work and lifestyle of women and may even result in adverse health consequences. There is a need to dispel these myths and taboos for the health and wellbeing of women as well as society as a whole. Bringing this topic out in the open and discussing it in public forums will help in removing the taboo of concealment. Also, learn about PCOS and 7 ways to treat PCOS naturally.


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Whisper has taken up this cause and unveiled a campaign with a social message entitled "Touch The Pickle".  Girls, now that you are a part of this movement – Spread the Word. Enable other girls like you to break free of these age-old taboos which have no relevance in Today’s World.

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This topic I really appreciate because from the past to till now, It continuous in some places. Its a way of precaution only, because in older days, women mostly didn't know how to clean themselves and they use cotton cloths during periods. But nowadays women knows everything and well educated, using best pads like whisper. Now the time arises through Whisper, its very good breaking time. I feel very much happy.

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I am very happy to heard this and happy about whisper took a nice step. There must be change in women's thinking. I am very happy to be part of this event.

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