Making oral care fun for kids

Teaching Kids How To Brush Their Teeth

Oral care need not be the chore that it is deemed to be. It can be enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Oral care need not be the chore that it is deemed to be. It can be enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Right from their childhood, kids should be encouraged to follow a healthy oral routine in order to maintain a sparkling clean smile. A sparkling clean smile is their first step to preventing the occurrence of cavities that can be both painful and cause early tooth loss. Other dental ailments like gum diseases bad breath will also be an improbability if kids maintain decent oral hygiene. Ensure proper oral health using complete oral care tips for children by experts.

Kids need it to be fun

Adults need no motivation to maintain good oral care; they know the ramifications of not doing it right. Kids however need a little fun in everything to keep them interested. Start with the most basic – the toothbrush. Changing their toothbrush occasionally into something they like, will keep them enthusiastic. Beginning the morning on a good note is also a great idea. Playing their favourite song in the background while they brush will do great good. Having them brush while they watch their favourite morning cartoon will also keep them occupied.

Hand out rewards

The ideal oral routine for kids is to brush twice a day and floss daily. If your kids follow this diligently, make sure you reward them with whatever they like, be it a small gift, a movie showing or more game time.

The family that brushes together…


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It always works wonders when everything is done together as family. Meeting up in the bathroom to start the day together or end the day together is a brilliant way to maintain family oral health and strengthen the family bond. Also, check out tips to teach your kids the correct way to clean their teeth.

Make your kids dentist-friendly

Kids can be quite fearful of dentist visits. It is essential that get them comfortable with the idea of a dentist before you pay a visit. Let them know that a dentist is more like a friend that is just here to do a few basic check-ups. It will help a great deal if you find yourself a dentist that has a good rapport with kids.

Keep changing it up

Changing elements in the mix will always help keep the interest going. A new brush or toothpaste will always spark renewed vigour in toddlers. Different toothpaste flavours have always been a hit with kids.

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