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Long lasting protection via superior absorbency of 1 Whisper Ultra Clean = 5 other ordinary pads

Meet Prachi !!! She is a 24 years old, well-educated and independent woman pursuing her career in the city of Mumbai.

Meet Prachi !!! She is a 24 years old, well-educated and independent woman pursuing her career in the city of Mumbai. She is super hard-working and dedicated to her work and does not like anything preventing her from giving it her 100%. She wants to make a name for herself by pursuing what she has a lot of passion for with an aim to excel. She doesn’t shy from travel and long hours as she is determined to make a mark for herself. Also, she loves hanging out with her best-friends.

 OLD RULE – Go straight home after important work is done to change your pad
Her protection does not last long enough due to which her period days are very different than her ordinary day. Most of the days, she ends up compromising on her normal routine and instead do the bare minimum needed & head home. Also, sometimes she misses out on her critical things important for her success and she truly hates letting go of such opportunities as she has a strong desire to excel.  

Her life during periods is being disturbed due to the constraints placed by the protection provided by her pad which does not support her daily hectic lifestyle . She limits her life to bare minimum and leads a paralyzed life during periods. This behavior is in stark contrast to her behavior on normal days when she knows what she wants in her life & every day of her life and she is working towards getting there. 

NEW RULE - Change Less Often, Change to Whisper Ultra Clean
Ever since she used Whisper Ultra Clean, she has had a very different period experience. Due to Whisper Ultra Clean’s long lasting protection, she is not held back by the need to change frequently and can take the choice of changing when she wants to instead of being forced to change due to her limited period protection. 

This liberation of restricted period life due to constraints of changing is helping her continue to pursue her dreams of making it big in her passion area without any period barriers.  

Whisper Ultra Clean’s latest innovation provides Superior Long lasting protection.  This is because 1 Whisper Ultra Clean = 5 other ordinary pads.* Whisper Ultra Clean has superior gush absorbency vs. an ordinary pad.  Whisper Ultra Clean also has more capacity to absorb vs. an ordinary pad and hence, can last longer. Whisper Ultra Clean’s capacity is 3X- 5X more than average load per pad for an Indian consumer. Its Lock core helps fluid absorb quickly into bottom and lock in the bottom and its Dri-Weave topsheet delivers a much drier feeling.

*Disclaimer: Compared Whisper pad refers to Whisper Ultra Clean - XL wings

#Based on gush absorbency and total average load per pad. Based on P&G lab data and third party data, Feb 2013

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