Let The Power of Music Change Your Life

Benefits of Music Therapy to Beat Stress

Music has many therapeutic benefits and there is research to back it up. But do we really need science to tell us that, when we know how music helps change our mood, uplifts the mind and makes us happy?

Music moves us in myriad ways. It can change our mood, stir emotions and even make us change our behaviour. Music can make us feel patriotic, spiritual,nostalgic,love,energetic, happy and sad. It can excite us, move us and irritate us as well.

Such is the power of music that it can affect us even when we are consciously not listening to it. Studies have shown that music is the perfect and most effective relaxation technique. It is a wonderful way of coping with stress and releasingaccumulated tension.

Music has the ability to change:

Brain Waves: Brainwaves get stimulatedand begin to resonate in sync with the beat. Faster beats mean focus and clearer thinking, while slower rhythms induce calm and serenity. The effect has been shown to last long after you stop listening to music.

Breathing and Heart Rate: Music can also affect breathing and heart rate. Slow, calm music can slow down breathing and heart rate, increasing the popularity of music as stress relieving therapy.

State of Mind: Music can promote a positive state of mind, keeping depression and anxiety away.

Other than these immediate benefits, music also helps lower blood pressure, enhances immunity, relaxes muscles, and much more.

Music therapy at home

You needn’t run to a therapist for every bit of trouble. You can get the benefits of music therapy at homeon your own. You can use it daily for relaxation, to get energised, to deal with emotional stress, etc. Stress relief music is an immensely effective stress management tool and the best part is that it can be used anywhere, anytime.

There is some scepticism about music therapy for stress management.However, music has no adverse effects and it can be safely used for relaxation and stress relief.


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Find out what works for you

Different people have different tastes and needs. What works for someone might not work for you. Explore different genres and different artists to find the best music for mind relaxation.

Additionally, different styles will work at different times. Soft, pleasing music is a good way to relax, while loud, energetic music may be the best way to release tensions through dance or singing.

You can use music to

Relax/ meditate– after a tough day at work, before a presentation, to fall asleep.

Think clearly – music can cancel out ambient noises and help you focus

Overcome fear – while flying, before a big presentation, etc.

Overcome frustration – when stuck in traffic

While exercising – the right music can help you find your rhythm while exercising.

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