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Laugh your way to good health

We live in such a stressful world. Our professional and personal commitments leave us with little time to care for our health and well-being. Besides, who wants to run all those kilometres and push heavy weights after a hard day’s work!

Each of us knows what a great stress busting tool yoga can be.  Yoga helps in cultivating mindfulness and living in the present. 

Of all the yoga styles, laughter yoga is a fairly new phenomenon.  Simple and easy, it encourages people to laugh their way to health.  The premise is that laughing provides a lot of psychological and physical benefits.

Laughter yoga offers ways and means to cope with stressful situations and anchors you to the present moment.  It is so important to live and experience joy, yet so many of us forget to do that.  How easy it is to get distracted with to do lists and what someone else expects. 

It is important to take time out to just be and not think too much.  Laughing makes you feel good and makes fear and anger fade away.  This is important to ease tense situations and understand another person. 

How laughter yoga helps:

A few studies have shown that laughter yoga might actually help people improve their moods and heart health as well.  Consider this – isn’t it nicer to be around happier people?  Especially, if it can help with :

  • Instant stress reduction
  • Strong immune system
  • Good mood and demeanour
  • Positive attitude even in the most difficult times
  • More oxygen to the brain

Laughter Yoga exercises:

All the exercises done in a laughter yoga class are easy and fun to do.  You just have to shed your ingibition.  These are best practised in a group as other members will help in shifting the energy and mood in a short time.  All it takes is 10 minutes to feel better. Some of the classic exercises are:


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Laughing into a cell phone:  Hold an imaginary phone to your ear, laugh at a joke your friend told you.

Gradient laughing:  Many times, a fake smile helps another person feel better.  Try giggling at some remembered situation and then gradually raise the tempo and loudness.  This is easy to do in a group – seeing others laugh is contagious.

Laughing and greeting others:  Greet people around you normally by shaking their hand or waving and laughing instead of speaking.

Laughing heartily:  Spread your arms out wide, look at your friend or up and laugh from the belly.  Eventually, you will laugh from the heart with happiness. 

Remembering awkward situations:  Laugh at some funny episode in your life where you did something silly like going out with shaving cream on your face, underwear showing by mistake or walking into a lamp post while distracted. 

Give laughter yoga a try and see how good you feel.  You will be more productive and see life differently.

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