How to fight sleeplessness during period

How to fight sleeplessness during period

A focused mind, a driven attitude, an appetite for success- you could have all of these traits, but a sleepless night due to a tough period, can jeopardise that crucial moment in the boardroom. Don’t fall prey to the blight of period sleeplessness.

Got a high stakes presentation to deliver ? Worried that your sleepless nights due to tough periods will keep you from giving your best? Fear not. Learn the tricks of putting your best foot forward, without getting distracted.

Here’s a scene that may have played many times in your head: It’s one of the most important days of your career. Your boss is giving you the opportunity to shine in the boardroom, but after having tossed and turned all night due to a particularly uncomfortable period, all you can see in the mirror are your dark panda eyes. Yikes! Oh wait, that’s just a bad dream! Let’s rewind- this is how it should really go for go-getters like you.

Prep and Plan
A presentation is a performance! Planning and preparation is 90% of the battle won. And for that curveball that gets thrown to us women, in the form of periods, Whisper Ultra Nights is the shining armour that keeps us protected, fresh and ready. So don’t let periods be a roadblock in your journey to success. Prep away with confidence:

  1. Structure Your Presentation
    A presentation is really a story in 3 parts – a welcoming and informative opening that sets the stage, a core set of key messages that forms the middle backbone and a memorable conclusion that summarises your point of view.
  2. Rehearse Your Delivery
    Practise, Practise, Practise.  To be at your impactful best, concentrate on the delivery of your key messages. Experiment with tone, emphasis, different types of visuals and words, until you feel confident and comfortable. 
  3. Stock Up on Whisper Ultra Nights
    Finally, there is nothing more reassuring than having a trusted expert on your side to help you just in case your period shows up in the middle of all the prep. That’s Whisper Ultra Nights of course. Make sure you stock up on plenty of them in case the inevitable happens.

The Night Before
You’ve done your prep and your rehearsal and now it’s time to relax and de-stress. But alas, your worst fears have come true- Your period started just before the big day. OMG!

All those old worries come flooding back. Will you keep getting up again and again to check if your PJ’s have been stained? Will you wind up feeling wet and leaky just an hour or so into your sleep? Will you have to get up in the middle of the night to change the pad? Will you end up tossing and turning and finally falling asleep in a stiff, uncomfortable position? Will you wake up feeling like a deflated zombie instead of the boardroom ninja you can be?

Rest easy, you’ve got Whisper Ultra Nights on your side. No more sleeplessness due to periods. Worried about leakage at night? Go for the Whisper Ultra Night Wings- a pad that is 40% longer than ordinary pads that keeps you protected and worry free from leaks for a restful night. And if heavy flow is your concern, opt for the longest pad in India, Whisper Ultra XXXL Wings- a whopping 75% longer than ordinary pads. No messing around here with the leader! These super absorbent pads are specially designed to fit your curves. And that wider back feature is a life-saver! No more unsightly back leaks. With these longer and wider night pads, all night protection is a done deal. All you have to do is wake up to a clean, fresh morning.

So as Whisper Ultra Nights takes care of your period and a good night’s sleep, you can focus on really unwinding before going to bed. Listen to some soothing music, do a few yoga stretches, take a few deep breaths, wear your comfy loose pajamas and tuck yourself in. It’s time to sleep like a baby before the big day dawns.

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Wake Up Fresh To The Big Day
When you wake up the next morning, fresh for the day ahead, troublesome period flow is the last thing on your mind! With Whisper Ultra Night protection, your mind and body are both charged to go. Energy, freshness, confidence-you’ve got these on speed dial, thanks to a restful night with Whisper.

Here are some handy tips to keep that energy and focus on track- Have a nutritious breakfast, wear non-fussy clothes, stay hydrated and keep your notes handy. Oh yes, make sure you pack a Whisper pad or two, just in case you need a change.

Breathe deep. It’s showtime!

You Nailed It!
Did you see that look of admiration in that boardroom? That look which says, who is this girl and how can I get her on my team. That, my dear, is the look of success. Don’t ever let a period and a troublesome night take that away from you.

And with Whisper UltraNights, you will truly be able to say “goodbye period sleeplessness, hello fresh tomorrow”.

So when you sit down and celebrate your win over a cup of coffee with your boss, do take a moment to savour her words, “You can do it, I believe in you”. And you know what, so does Whisper

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