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Healthy tips for a body re-boot

Make the most of a long weekend or a couple of days off by using an hour here or there for some endorphin-boosting exercise.

Few of us can spend whole weekends working out and pampering ourselves, but try a few of these health and fitness ideas spread out over a couple of days’ break, to help feel rested and refreshed.

Swimming: one of the best ways to keep fit

On both mornings go for a swim. A few laps can prove a great feelgood booster and you’ll already see a difference in how much further your energy levels can take you by the second day.

Healthy eating is easier if you swap your snacks

On both days make an effort to switch mid-morning treats for Savvy snacks that boost energy in body-friendly ways.

Use your routine to combat stress

Whether you’re at home with kids or dashing around, even a few snatched minutes can reduce stress symptoms. Try these Relax at home tips for breathing and muscle routines and other great relaxation techniques.


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Make your own soup

For lunch on both days enjoy healthy recipes for hearty well-blended soup. Soup keeps you fuller for longer due to the way in which the stomach processes solids and water, putting off hunger pains.

Set your phone for fitness

Use reminders to grab 10 minutes for short bursts of exercise (warm up first and stretch out afterwards). Star jumps, skipping and squats can all be great ways to keep fit, but find out how to do these properly – try the NHS Livewell website for instructions.

Savvy tip – keep fit with your kids

If you don’t have enough time to get to the gym, here are some
clever ways to get exercise even when there are small children around.

Pass it on – tips for better sleeping habits

Sleep not only makes you feel more rested, it can contribute to an active plan for sticking to a healthy weight. Find out more by checking out
5 ways to end sleepless nights.

NB. Consult your GP before changing your exercise routines if you have any health problems.

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