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Regular Health Checkup is the Secret to Longevity

Most of us associate a visit to the doctor with bad news. But an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

When you were a kid, your parents made sure that you got all your shots and stayed healthy.  You had no choice but to obediently follow.  Growing up and getting a job and with so many other responsibilities, you may have missed a few annual medical checkups.  Maybe you didn’t have the time.  Maybe you didn’t feel the need.  Maybe you just didn’t care.  But this isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Doctors stress the need to get health checkups regularly so that problems, if any, can be caught in time.  Timely intervention has saved many lives.  Here’s a look at the different options available by sex and age.

The Preventive Checkup:

This comprehensive checkup covers all the parameters.  Blood and urine tests reveal issues about a person’s general health.  Expect advice is given on:

  • The right diet
  • Exercising schedules
  • Oral hygiene and care
  • Additional tests in case you are at risk of heart disease of diabetes
  • Getting help in case of depression or stress at work

Men’s Health Issues

Based on your age and other vitals, you will have to undergo a prostate exam (esp. if you are 50 and above).  Those at risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer have to be especially vigilant.  Family history and personal habits play an important role.  Regular checks will provide information for early intervention.


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Women’s Health Issues

Along with the usual weight check, blood pressure and blood sugar tests, an annual visit would include a pap smear (every 2 years) and mammograms starting at age 40.  Once a woman turns 65, she should get tested for osteoporosis as well.  This condition affects quite a few women. Also, check out tips to avoid anaemia during pregnancy as almost more than half women population is anaemic. 

Children’s Health Issues

Children have to be screened until they are 16 years old.  This is to ensure that they are growing well and their hearing and vision are developing well too. They should get monitored for symptoms of juvenile diabetes, low thyroid function and anaemia.  Regular visits to the paediatrician are important.

Preparing for Health Checkups

As a patient, it is your job to be proactive.  Ask questions if you have specific concerns.  Since doctors have just a limited amount of time, it pays to have a list of questions ready.  Get advice on managing different issues and medications.

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Prevention is better than cure...With changing scenarios it is always recommended to start having medical check-up once you reach the age of 30.

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