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Harness Your Fantasy and Get a Plan

Holiday relaxation promotes that anything-is-possible feeling – and what better place from which to turn your dreams into reality?

The smell of suntan lotion is still clinging to your skin and your hair’ s untameable after having grown accustomed to doing its own thing on the beach. Your holiday vibe’ s lingering, although it’ s beginning to white out around the edges and fade like an old Polaroid. Reality begins to set in and all those daydreams about the future are distorting like a mirage. As another year dawns, don’ t lose that wide-eyed, intrepid attitude or dismiss your sun-lounger fantasies – they’ re useful in that they allow your imagination to run wild; they allow you to dream big, and that’ s a great starting point. Take the passion and motivating force of those outrageous fantasies and begin to formulate a concrete, doable plan.

The importance of dreaming big
All successful people, men and women, are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day towards their distant vision, that goal or purpose. Without imagination, we’ d never venture outside the box.

Beware of lolling in fantasy-land
Dwelling in fantasy-land all the time isn’ t constructive – you need to do something with those fantasies and there is such a thing as overshooting the mark.


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Bridging the gap
To bridge the divide between dreams/fantasies and reality try the following:

  • Writing it down: Describe your fantasies/dreams in detail. What is this vision you’ ve imagined for yourself? What exactly does it look like, how do you feel about it and how would it affect your life?
  • Outlining the sequence: Visions have a logical sequence of events we need to follow to achieve an outcome, and each sequence requires a certain amount of time and money. This is where you begin to move away from fantasy into reality; into the achievable.
  • Creating a plan of action: Now you need to make a plan – what can you start doing immediately? What do your budget and time allow? How much money do you need to save or allot per month? How much time will you need to take the next step in the sequence of events?
  • Acting now! Stagnation is the enemy... do what you can, even if it’ s just research, as it keeps your vision alive.
  • Keeping track: Start a journal and write down every little thing you achieve along the way. This way you can keep clear track of your progress and how much closer you’ re getting to realising your dream.

“ Never relegate your fantasies to the storage closet. They hold the power of a new reality”

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