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Baby Activities & Exercises For A Healthier Child

Who said that going to the gym was reserved for adults?

All children can gain from attending a Baby Gym. It strengthens the muscles, stimulates the senses and helps with learning disabilities and obstacles that occur in school.

Extraordinary improvements take place when children are more aware of their senses and at the same time strengthening their muscles.

Here is an example of a five week Baby Gym course:

Week 1
Relaxation is the focus point in the first week. When children are relaxed, they are ready to socialize and learn.

Week 2
While rubbing the children using quick hand movements, senses are stimulated which is necessary for the learning process.

Week 3
The taste and smell senses are the focus point in the third week. Mother’s are taught that it is normal for their children to stick everything they see into their mouths, as this is their way of discovery.


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Week 4
The focus point in the fourth week is to work on balance. One of the exercises includes moms massaging their child’s ears in an upward motion.

Week 5
During the fifth week, the muscles are exercised. One of the techniques used is to roll the child onto both sides as this stimulates both sides of the brain.

Gym exercises for your little one

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