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Leg workouts for gorgeous legs

Perfect your pins with this simple workout routine

1. Skip

You may not have used a jump rope since you were at school but just 10 minutes of skipping burns 135 calories AND improves muscle tone in your lower and upper body.

2. Lunge

Lunges are a simple but super-effective way to tone your legs and bum. Keep your upper body straight, shoulders back and chin up. Take a step forward, and then – as if kneeling down – lower your hips until both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Do two reps of 15 sets on each leg.


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3. Squat

Squats are brilliant for toning your legs and building muscle. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Slowly bend down until you reach a near seated position (or as low as you can go). If you struggle to keep your balance, put your hands out in front of you. Return to your starting position and do two reps of 15 sets on each leg.

4. Circle

Leg circles not only help you lengthen your leg muscles but they also help build core strength around your abdomen and lower back. To do this classic Pilates exercise, lie on your back with your hands down. Lift up both your legs to 90-degrees and then rotate, first in a clockwise motion for ten reps and then anti-clockwise, also for ten reps. Legs should be together but if you find that difficult try doing a small V.

Don’t forget to stretch

Make sure you do at least 15 minutes of stretching daily. This will help you to stay limber and it will keep your newly-toned muscles pain-free. Make sure you don’t miss anything out: your glutes (bottom muscles), thighs, hamstrings, calves and ankles all need a good stretch.

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