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If you’re living a life of quiet complacency, where words like “fine” and “OK” describe your job, now’s the time to sit up.

People often look externally for solutions to their problems or they’ re quick to blame others for their circumstances. The truth is that we’ re responsible for our own destinies.

The gift of responsibility is freedom and power. Before you can change anything, you must take responsibility for it. Responsibility gives you the ability to respond.

A good starting point is to take note of the things that annoy you in other people and identifying those qualities within yourself. Finding a way to accept those attributes in yourself will help you avoid becoming irritated when you encounter them in others. In a working situation, where selfcontrol and keeping your focus on the bigger picture is essential, this is a crucial ability.

You need to give away more of what you want in order to get what you want. If you want your partner or colleagues to be more supportive, be more supportive towards them. If you want to make more friends, be friendlier to others.

Know yourself and once you do, be true to yourself.

Finding your true purpose
A core source of tapping into your potential greatness is doing the things you love. This isn’ t always easy, especially if your job description is very structured, but there’ s always a margin within it for focusing on the things that attracted you to your particular industry in the first place. So, if you’ re a personal assistant wanting to bring out the events planner inside you, offer to do more of these duties and make them showpieces of your innate passion for this area. Your skill will soon be noticed by your employer – as well as others – and will become a platform for moving to a dedicated events planning position.

The greatest obstacle holding people back from realising their purpose is fear – and the only way to break through that barrier is to take action and “ just do it” .


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The first step is writing your goals down as intentions. Make your intentions multi-layered and pervasive. That way, they become more attainable.

Next, create a vision board of images and words that represent your intentions and the things you want to manifest.

You have to be what you want to be. If you can’ t see yourself as a particular person or in a particular situation, you can never really own it. You can only own something you have.

While identifying what you want is important to realising your goals, careful attention must also be paid to the reason you want it. Take note of the kinds of things that get you going. The things on which you spend time and that really mean something to you.

Be curious about yourself – don’ t think it’ s going to hit you on the head. Once you start doing what you’ re supposed to do, your life makes sense.

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