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Feeding your Feelings

If you tend to eat even when you’re not hungry, you could be an emotional eater. Take our quiz to find out.

  1. Your boss tells you that she’ s not happy with your work. You:
    1. Go to the cafeteria and console yourself with a slice of lemon tart.
    2. Get on the phone and bad-mouth her to your friends.
    3. Immediately make plans to become more focused on your work.
  2. Your five-year-old son doesn’ t finish his supper. You:
    1. Eat the leftovers. Good food should not go to waste.
    2. Insist he finishes his meal.
    3. Give the leftovers to the dog.
  3. When you are bored, you:
    1. Head for the fridge – it’ s snack time!
    2. Occasionally snack, but try to stick to fruit
    3. Call a friend, browse the internet or page through magazines.
  4. You’ ve just eaten a big packet of potato crisps even though you weren’ t hungry. You feel:
    1. Guilty, angry or ashamed. You’ ve overeaten again!
    2. You feel bad, but commit to not overeating the rest of the week!
    3. You’ re not too worried – it happens seldom anyway
  5. You’ ve joined a slimming group and have lost weight this week. Feeling really pleased, you:
    1. Treat yourself to your favourite takeaway – you deserve it.
    2. Splash out on a new dress to show off your slimmer figure.
    3. The good news keeps you motivated to shed those last kilos.
  6. How do you plan your family’ s weekly meals?
    1. I have a busy family life. We have fast foods most days.
    2. I usually plan for the week, but we have the odd takeaway.
    3. I plan our meals and shop ahead.
  7. There is a lot of pressure on you at work and you are having trouble making a decision about an important issue. What do you do?
    1. Go out for a muffin and coffee – eating calms you, which will help you come to a decision.
    2. Write down your options and the pros and cons in each instance, then celebrate with a treat when you’ ve come to a decision.
    3. Work on something else – you’ ll come to a decision later.
  8. Do you tend to graze all day long, never allowing yourself to really feel hungry?
    1. Almost always – I can’ t concentrate when I’ m hungry.
    2. Sometimes, mostly when I’ m bored.
    3. Never. I eat three healthy meals a day.

How did you score?

  • mostly a’ s
    You turn to food when emotional. This can lead to weight gain and guilt. Break the cycle by listening to your body’ s cues. If the urge to overindulge hits, do something else instead, such as going for a walk. Consult a physician or psychologist for help.
  • mostly b’ s
    You are on the right track, but do occasionally turn to food for comfort. Food should be pleasurable, but don’ t overdo it. To develop healthier habits, write down what you eat and why.
  • mostly c’ s
    You are a healthy eater and deal appropriately with your emotions.

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Help for overcoming emotional eating

  • Try to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation tends to increase hunger by decreasing leptin levels, the appetiteregulating hormone that signals fullness.
  • Find alternatives to eating. For example, go for a walk or try a form of relaxation such as yoga.
  • Beat boredom by finding a new hobby or reviving an old one. Or check out your local newspaper for volunteer opportunities.
  • Don’ t bottle up your emotions – learn to speak your mind.
  • Exercise – research shows that it helps relieve stress and makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Drink water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

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