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Eliminate Toxins From Body With These 4 Tips

After the overeating that (and we all do it) we took part in over Christmas and New Year, it is best to cleanse the body by reducing the level of toxins.

The accumulation of toxins is harmful to our bodies, because they attack our vital organs. Normally, we ought to cleanse our bodies every three months, but when we commit so many sins in a short time, it is best to get to work right away!

4 Tips To Cleanse Your Body Off Toxins

#1 Excess calories

At Christmas and New Years parties, an immense quantity of calories are ingested. Just think, a cinnamon toast has about 400 kcal. Can you remember how many you ate ...? Okay. The large quantity of sugars and fats we eat means we need to do a serious cleansing of our bodies. Check out how to eat healthy during festive season here.

#2 Water as the best medicine

After the wine, beer and soft drinks, the only liquid going into your mouth will be water. Alcoholic beverages have enormous calories and toxins, as do fried foods and sweets that we are so familiar with during holidays.

In this way, and for seven days, drink only water, an average of 1.5 liters per day.


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#3 It is not the time for drastic cuts

More than not eating, it is necessary to return to a correct nutrition. Stopping to eat only because we gain weight is not the solution (it will only contribute to an even greater imbalance in our bodies).

The diet that you need is comprised of healthy foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, you should also be disciplined when you eat, that is, you should do so at the right times, in well proportioned amounts several times a day.

For a while, forget the red meats, sweets, fried and processed foods (forget what tastes so good but what is so bad for us). Make a variety of soups (carrot, assorted vegetables, tomato, watercress or pumpkin, for example) and eat more fish and white meat (always with a little salad as a side dish). Throughout the day, snacks have to include fruit (it is so tasty and is so good for you!).

Tip: ingestion of herbal teas (or green tea) can be useful in this process of detoxification as they have diuretic properties, increasing the volume of urine flow, and forcing the body to eliminate impurities.

#4 Physical exercise

Of course you cannot avoid moving around more. The recovery process also involves losing a pound here and there, which you gained from each ingested dream (which now seems like a nightmare to you).

A simple trick that is easy to achieve: walk daily at a fast pace for 30 minutes (no less), or do a few high energy dance steps, twice a week.

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