4 Antioxidant Foods To Have for a Younger Looking Skin

Eating antioxidant-rich foods can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. You’ll be surprised to learn that some foods that you think of as indulgent are actually good for you.

You are what you eat, and this is nowhere more apparent than in your face. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are one of the main culprits of skin damage. Besides sunburn, the long-term effects of sun damage include dark spots, leathery skin and even skin cancer. However, eating foods rich in antioxidants can help sun-damaged skin to recover.

Dr Amy Wechsler, a celebrity aesthetic doctor from New York City, says she eats a diet rich in antioxidants, including berries, green tea, dark chocolate and red wine to supplement her skincare regimen.

Just like the experts, always remember to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when out in the sun – and boost your skin’s rejuvenative powers with a healthy diet.

Here are some antioxidant-rich foods that kids will also enjoy.

Green tea

Green tea is considered one of the world’s healthiest drinks as it has relatively low levels of caffeine and one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants compared to other teas. A 2011 report by the Journal of Nutrition found that women who drank green tea for 12 weeks saw improvements in skin elasticity, roughness and moisture content. Iced green tea, flavoured with honey and lemon, is a refreshing thirst quencher on hot afternoons.

Dark chocolate

Studies have found that dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants, which have a whole host of health benefits, including neutralising free radicals and reducing inflammation. However, these antioxidants are not found in white or milk chocolate, and eating dark chocolate with milk appears to negate the positive effects of the food. Teach kids to enjoy dark chocolate (in moderation) as a treat instead of offering them cheap milk chocolate to satisfy their cravings.


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Not only are they low in calories, mushrooms are also rich in antioxidants. In particular, white button mushrooms, which are commonly sold in supermarkets, contain more antioxidants compared to many other vegetables, including green peppers, pumpkins, carrots and tomatoes. A mushroom omelette is a fuss-free kid-friendly dish that mums can put into regular rotation for family meals.


These stone fruits contain the antioxidant melatonin, which protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Montmorency cherries have a particularly high concentration of melatonin. Cherries also contain vitamin C, which is needed for collagen production to keep skin taut and smooth. For dessert, have a bowl of cherries with a homemade whipped cream and sugar dip that children will love. For something more sinful, but good for your skin, try dipping cherries into melted dark chocolate.

Treat your kids and yourself to food and drinks rich in antioxidants and be rewarded with a glowing complexion.

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