Easy Ways to Cut Calories Without Feeling Like You’re Starving

Easy Ways to Cut Calories Without Feeling Like You’re Starving

Use these quick, simple tips to slash calories, feel full and feel healthier all day.

Even just the idea of a diet or trying to lose weight can feel incredibly overwhelming: You might believe you don’t stand a chance lasting more than a few days without your favorite foods. But, we have some incredibly helpful tips for you to cut calories and start dropping the pounds without ever experiencing that starving feeling.

Simply by incorporating the following ideas into your everyday choices, you will be amazed at how much healthier you feel, all while still enjoying that satisfied feeling you’re used to when eating. Also, check out how PCOS patients can lose weight with these 5 tips.

Eat Smaller Amounts of Food Three to Four Times a Day 
By eating smaller amounts every few hours, you are keeping your metabolism running at its optimal level. Plus you’ll psychologically feel like you aren’t being deprived since you’ll really be consistently eating throughout the day.

Be Smart When Eating Out
We know that it’s impossible to totally avoid eating out, so for those times that you must, ask for your order to be split and have them box the other half for you. And if ordering a salad, make sure to always ask for your dressing on the side. Sometimes you think you’re being ultra healthy with the salad option when, in reality, the calories and sugar in the dressing can easily add up to be the same as a burger.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies 
Fruits and vegetables are often low in calories but super high in fiber and nutrition. (And fiber helps to make you feel full!) When you want to reach for a snack, skip the potato chips and, instead, always have a baggie full of your favorite fruits and vegetables prepped and ready. To change things up, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your apples or blending up a few kiwis with basil for a delicious kiwi sauce.


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Don’t Drink Your Calories 
Many people don’t realize how many calories they drink throughout the day — not to mention how much sugar is in the drinks! By simply replacing your juices, sodas and sugary coffee drinks with green tea and lots of water, you’ll get that full feeling without the added calories. And for those of you thinking you’re safe with diet soda, we’re sorry to say — that has to go as well! Instead, make your favorite tea, pour it over ice, and add a few drops of flavored stevia (a natural, sweet herb). This is a delicious, zero-calorie alternative that won’t leave you bloated or craving more sugar, and it has added antioxidant benefits as well.

Drink Water Before You Eat 
Before sitting down to a meal, try drinking a big glass of water, which will help to fill your stomach. On top of mistaking thirst for hunger, many people end up feeling full before they’ve finished their whole meal.

Skip the Starch 
When making a sandwich, wrap or burger, skip the carbs. Instead, rinse off some organic romaine lettuce (it has an awesome crunch to it!) and use it as your bread/bun substitute. You’ll still get your protein along with the added nutrition (and water) of the lettuce, which will absolutely satisfy you, all while keeping your waistline slim. If skipping the bread seems like an impossible request, try to at least drop one slice, giving you the open-face option at half the calories.

And remember, if all of these ideas at once seem just too much for you to do, try picking only three at a time. Then, over the days or weeks, make the effort to add in another habit to adapt. It’s better to go slow and consistently than jump all-in too fast and fail in the end. Little steps added to other little steps will eventually become one giant leap, and soon you’ll be at your goal in no time!

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