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Dream Big for a Fresh Tomorrow

Strong academic results, a plethora of extracurricular certificates, a string of recommendations. Gumption and Guts. You could well be the perfect candidate for the job, but fitful sleep due to an uncomfortable period, can blow your big dreams and your chances in the interview. Don’t let it happen to you.

Got shortlisted for the job you’ve longed for? Worried that you may not be at your best due to an uncomfortable period? Here’s how you can wow the interviewers without losing your cool.

It’s that moment you have been waiting for. That dream job you have aspired for could well become a reality. But a sleepless night due to a tough period, could make you feel lethargic and dull during the interview the next day. When you really should be at your brightest best, you may find yourself choking on an all too obvious yawn. Clearly not the recommended plan of action for an interview! So it’s time to step up your game and find out what it takes to be the perfect fit!

Prep and Plan

A job interview is an opportunity to shine. Preparation and rehearsal is essential for getting shortlisted to the next round. But freshness and keenness of mind is the rocket fuel that will propel you to success. So for that spanner in the works that comes our way ever so often, in the form of periods, Whisper Ultra Nights is the handy fixer that keeps us protected, rested and ready. So don’t let periods get in the way of your dreams. Here are some key tips you should keep in mind while aiming for success.

  • Research The Company You Are Applying To

A job interview is an opportunity to show the hiring company that you are truly interested in making a strong and valuable contribution to the firm. You need to be aware of industry trends, key product and service offerings and the vision and goals of the organization. Research online and speak to friends and family with experience in the corporate world to get different perspectives.

  • Perfect Your Q&A

Prepare your answers for questions that may be asked in the interview and practise your delivery with a friend or mentor. Some standard questions may be as follows– Tell us about yourself, why should we choose you for the job, what is the one thing you are most proud of, where do you see yourself in five years time? Concentrate on your key messages, but keep it fluid and relaxed, so when the time comes, your answers will appear natural but confident.

  • Stock Up on Whisper Ultra Nights

Finally, you need to ensure that you have a trusted expert on your side, just in case your period shows up in the middle of all the prep. That’s Whisper Ultra Nights of course. Make sure you stock up on plenty of them in case the inevitable happens. You don’t want to be worrying about period management, when your focus should be on success achievement!

The Night Before

You’re up to date with the latest news on the hiring company and clued up on the trends in your industry. You’ve thought of every possible question and formulated perfect responses. It’s now time to relax and de-stress. But unfortunately, your worst fears have come true. Your period started just before the big day! Oh no!


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All those unwelcome jitters come a knocking! Are you going to keep getting up again and again to check if your bed has been stained? Will you end up feeling wet and leaky just as you were about to drift into sleep? Are you going to wake up well before the alarm goes off, only to change your pad? Will you end up tossing and turning and wrestling with your pillow and finally passing out in a fit of fatigue? Will you wake up dull as dishwater instead of the sparkling bubbly you are?

Take it easy, you’ve got Whisper Ultra Nights on your side. It’s the perfect fit for the tough period you dread. Say goodbye to period sleeplessness, you’ve got freshness at your beck and call.

Worried about unsightly leaks at night. Opt for the Whisper Ultra Night Wings- a pad that is 40% longer than ordinary pads and keeps you completely protected and leak-free for a restful night. And if heavy flow is your concern, opt for the longest pad in India, Whisper Ultra XXXL Wings- 75% longer than ordinary pads.

And there’s more - Whisper Ultra Night XL Wings can absorb upto 5x* versus the average pad while Ultra Nights XXXL Wings can absorb upto 10X*.That’s a leader with distinction in results. Just like you of course!

On top of that, Whisper Overnight’s super absorbent pads have been specially designed to fit your curves. The wider back feature is a life-saver on tough period nights. Unsightly back leaks be gone! With these longer and wider night pads, you can count on all-night period protection. All that’s left to do is wake up to a clean, fresh morning.

So as Whisper Ultra Nights sorts out your period woes and gets you ready for a good night’s sleep, you can focus on really unwinding. Nothing like some soothing music, a few yoga stretches and some meditation to get you in the zone. Wear your comfiest PJs and call it a night. It’s time for some blissful sleep, before the big day ahead.

A Dream Comes True

You can tell that the panel of interviewers is very impressed. They see a girl who has worked hard and is willing to go the extra mile. They see a girl who is focused on achieving her dreams. The offer is on the table! Can you join next week? It’s unbelievable. Yes, you say. Yes, Yes, Yes!

And when you pick up the phone to share your joy with your grandmother-the one person who has taught you that one must dream big despite every obstacle in life, do take a moment to savour her words, “If your parents were here today, they would be so proud of the accomplished young lady you have become”.

And you know what, we at Whisper, certainly are!

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