Don’t Let These 4 Waterborne Diseases Rain Down On You.

Improve Your Immunity Against the Most Occurring Diseases During Monsoon

The monsoons bring with them a host of water borne diseases that spread fast if necessary measures are not taken. Which is why, you need to keep yourself informed about their causes and prevention.

Every year, the monsoon season brings with it an army of waterborne diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, typhoid and jaundice. However, with the necessary precautions, these diseases can’t threaten yours and your family’s health. Here are a few health tips you can use to prevent these diseases from infiltrating your home and affecting its immunity and healthy quotient:

#1 How to Prevent Common Cold

As the name suggests, this is one of the most common diseases that can affect anyone from any age group. How to increase immunity against it, you ask?

  • Avoid going out or letting your kids go out when it rains too much.
  • But if you can’t help the situation, make sure you carry raincoats and umbrellas.
  • Dry yourself off as soon as you get back home and change into dry clothes too.
  • You can never be too careful during the wet spell!

#2 Precautions Against Malaria

Malaria is spread by the Female Anopheles mosquito and is one of the most dangerous diseases in India. These mosquitoes breed in stagnant water bodies like pools and puddles, among others.

  • To ensure safety, don’t let such a water body form in and around your home.
  • And if it has already formed, get it cleaned every few days.
  • Use mosquito repellent and nets at all times and get DDT sprayed in and around your home at regular intervals.
  • That should ward off the pesky mozzies!

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#3 Keep Diarrhoea at Bay

  • This disease is generally spread through food and water.
  • If you are pro healthy living, avoid eating street food like pani-puri during the monsoon; you could be biting into a diarrhoea causing bacteria.
  • But don’t fret; this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your favourite street food. Best part is, making these delicacies at home is really simple thanks to YouTube.
  • And if you’re feeling too lazy to cook, go to a hygienic restaurant or just order in from there!

#4 How to Protect Yourself from Jaundice

  • Jaundice is a disease which attacks a person’s liver and is very common in India, especially during the monsoons.
  • To prevent it, you have to take the initiative to ensure that the water you are consuming is boiled and doesn’t come from a questionable source.
  • So avoid street food.
  • Also, do your best to keep your surroundings sanitary and also don’t venture into obviously unhygienic locales during the rains.

With these precautions taken, there’s no reason for you to not enjoy the rains with your loved ones. Wish you a fun, safe and healthy monsoon season!

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