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Tips To Prevent Back Pain

About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year.

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Is your home giving you back pain?

If you look around your home now, you can easily pinpoint the "back-breakers" in every room in the house. It’s up to you to rid your family of these top back-breakers in your own home. Luckily for you, there are practical alternatives that shall ease back pain out of your front door.

Bedroom Back-breaker: That lumpy, old mattress and unused pillows

If your bed sags in the centre, expect to get back pain. A good sleep helps your back pain heal faster, but that's not possible if your mattress is not "perfectly firm" (not too soft, not too hard) or if multiple mattresses are placed one on top of the other. If a family member has back pain, put pillows under his legs (for back sleepers), between his knees (side sleeper), and under his hips (stomach sleeper). An extra-long pillow will also help keep your spine properly aligned. (2) Using body cocoon / comfy fit mattresses helps avoid back pain and helps relax tense / knotted muscles. Sleeping on the floor is another common back pain inducer, the pain can be alleviated by using a slim floor mattress.

Bath Back-breaker: Slippery tiles and hard-to-reach towels/ washing clothes on the bathroom floor
Slippery tiles and lower back pain making standing up a massive feat? Shush grunts of frustrated pain by installing grab bars in the shower and near the toilet. (3) And the bath towel hook? Move it to arm distance of the shower. Washing clothes on the bathroom floor causes severe strain and back pain, which most Indian housewives complain about. The pain can be alleviated by using low stool to wash clothes, better body posture and regularly stretching before and after the chore, will help ease the muscles.

Kitchen Back-breaker: Dirty floors and windows
Don't strain your already painful back just to clean the floor and windows. Shop and buy handle extenders for broom, mops and window wipers.

Are you hurting your back at work?
Ban back pain at work with these preventive measures.


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Workplace Back-breaker: Sitting all day in front of computer
f your job requires you to sit on your desk chair all day, get up every 20 minutes and stretch your back and legs. Think ergonomics: Arrange your workspace so that you are not hunching forward to see your computer screen or to reach for your mouse. Get a desk chair that supports your lower back and lets you plant your feet firmly on the floor. (4) If you have standard office chairs (that is, not back friendly), place a cushion behind your lower back to comfort your back. Regularly arranging yoga/ fitness sessions for office goers will also help in curbing workplace back breakers.
REMEMBER: When pain hits, attend to your own or your loved one's back pain by exploring over-the-counter options for pain management.

With your family doctor's guidance, choose pain medication that reduce inflammation (often the cause of pain) such as the new Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel, a trusted brand for different kinds of pain.

At the onset of back pain, rub in relief using Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel 3-4 times a day helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

Whatever caused it and the treatment that followed, truth is, back pain can be chronic unless you adjust your environment and lifestyle. (5) Make the changes now and prevent back pain from disrupting you at home and at work.

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*Disclaimer:Always consult your physician or a qualified fitness adviser before starting any stretching/exercise regimen to ensure the regimen is suitable for you if you have a medical condition, taking medication or have related concerns.

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