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Anger Management Tips That’ll Save Your Life

Remember when you were really pissed about something? So mad that you could feel smoke coming out of your ears? How do you handle upsetting situations?

Been there, done that! Everyone gets angry. It’s a normal reaction and you’re entitled to it. But anger is detrimental to your health and can also be the cause of strained relationships. What do you do to reduce your anger

What is your style of managing such situations? Do you talk to people? Do you sit alone and stew and get even more worked up?  We usually go looking for sympathy, which is okay for a little while. The fact is that the situation needs to be addressed realistically and immediately.

Typical reactions 

Exploding: Do you let things keep piling up and eventually explode like a volcano? Learn how to deal with this by telling people that you don’t like what they are doing.  Or count to 10 before saying anything.  Voicing your feelings without accusing will go a long way than cursing them out.

Blaming yourself: Is your self-esteem so low that you turn it inwards?  Do you get depressed too? Take charge of your feelings.  Realise that you are not to blame for everything that happens. Get professional help and find ways to reduce your anger.

Avoiding: Do you convince yourself everything is hunky dory? Many choose to bury their feelings instead of dealing with it. Instead, tell people what you feel. Be calm and rational instead of accusing them.  Avoiding the problem can destroy relationships.


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Sarcasm:  Do you use this as a tool to tell people off? You may think it is funny to make cutting comments but these can be very hurtful. If you have nothing nice to say, zip it. Sarcasm is a hallmark of passive aggressive behavior.  Be assertive and express your feelings clearly.  Don’t let things get to the point of no return.  Again, count to 10 or 100 if need be, if you feel the urge to say something.

Passive Aggression:  Don’t like confrontation?  What do you do when you are mad? Delete or destroy things which mean something to the person who hurt you? And offer a fake apology?  Realise that anger is what you feel at being sick and tired of being pushed around.  You can change things by asserting yourself. Ask for things to be done. Make sure your needs are heard and acknowledged.  This is the best way to reduce your anger and get what you need from a relationship.

When you start feeling angry, first focus on what is going on and deal with the situation.  Sit and think seriously about why you are irritated.  How do you handle anger? Rather than pacing around and grumbling, try visualizing a calm and happy place.  Breathe deeply – concentrate on your breath and become empowered.

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