8 Ways To Make Working While Pregnant Comfortable

8 Ways To Make Working While Pregnant Comfortable

Pregnancy is a joyful journey, but not without its share of doubts, especially if you are a working professional. What if your body can’t cope? What if you’re passed up for that priority project or promotion? These pregnancy tips will show you how to realign things differently and yet stay up to speed.

When you’re working while pregnant, it almost seems like you’re handling 2 jobs. And there’s no escaping from either. But with a few changes and patience, you can get right back to your routine without having to sacrifice performance.

Morning sickness: It’s called morning sickness but as you are aware, it can strike anytime. Worse, what if this happens in the middle of an important presentation or client meeting! The best way to beat this is by continuous snacking. Keep eating at regular intervals, even if it’s bite-sized and eat what you feel like. But be sure to keep the snacks healthy such as fruits or biscuits. Read the different foods one must have during pregnancy

Handling fatigue: Work is stressful enough as it is. When you’re working while pregnant, even a little task demands that much more from your body, which could tire you out much faster. To avoid this, up your protein and iron intake by adding foods such as red meat, poultry, seafood, leafy green vegetables, iron-fortified whole-grain cereal and beans to your diet. Whenever possible, take a few minutes to switch off work, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Delegate: You can’t cut reduce your workload on the job. Fortunately, you have more control at home. Assign some housework tasks such as laundry, clearing up and shopping for daily necessities to other members of the family or domestic help. You could even opt for online grocery shopping. The idea is to do less, rest more, feel good.

Stay fit: Morning sickness, nausea and long working hours are good reasons to avoid sticking to your fitness regime. But however long your day, do not avoid this at any cost as this is what will help you pull through the day. Your walks can be taken in the evening or even during your lunch break. Even low impact aerobics and yoga are good options. But first, get your doctor to give you the green signal. Learn the different exercises that can be done during pregnancy


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Restful sleep: Anything less than seven hours is a bad idea. Along with the hours of sleep, it’s the quality of sleep that’s also important. Keep your mobile and television off. If you have children, they must be kept quiet. If you sleep on your side, prop a soft pillow between your legs and between the stomach bulge and bed.

Comfortable seating: Whether at home or at work, sit in a chair that is height and back adjustable and offers good lower back support. This can make long working hours comfortable. If your chair isn’t adjustable, prop a small pillow behind your back. Also, check out other tips to overcome backaches during pregnancy.

Flat footwear: Kiss those power heels goodbye. Wear flats and find a pair with good arch support. If your job involves standing for long hours, keep a footrest or low stool, put one foot on it and keep switching. Try to take frequent sitting breaks.

Keep stress in check : Prioritize tasks, make to-do lists, delegate and take short breaks in between tasks rather than rushing from one to the other as this will only tire you out further.

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