7 common food mistakes to avoid

8 common food mistakes to avoid

With the emergence of so many 'healthy' products in the supermarket, women today tend to purchase directly from the shelves, hoping to keep a healthy lifestyle despite the time constraint of modern society. When a product claims to be gluten-free, low-carb, or contain no trans-fat, that doesn’t necessarily means it is healthy. Here is a rough guide to identify the 9 most deceiving “healthy foods”:

  1. Enriched” White Bread

    The word “enriched” usually means that the ingredient doesn’t have nutritional value, so they have to add stuff to it. While it is not always bad, it is not the same as eating natural sources to get these nutrients.

  2. High-protein (instant) noodles

    Like “enriched” white bread, do not be fooled by the awesome name of “high-protein”. Go for buckwheat pasta or noodles made of organic, unbleached flour.

  3. Chicken nuggets with “Real Chicken”

    Although addictively tasty, processed meat (nuggets, sausages, hams) are made of different parts of the animal – skin, tendon, fat, etcetera. If you really want a good source of protein for your body, eat REAL meat (the leaner the part, the better).

  4. Fruit juice with “No Added Sugar”

    This can be misleading, as fruit juices naturally contain very high occurring sugar or fructose content. Unlike a piece of fruit that contains fiber to slow down the body’s absorption of sugar.

  5. Diet sodas

    Diet sodas may be low in calories, but the sweeteners in them can cause bloating. Keep in mind, that artificial sweeteners cannot be digested in the intestines; causing fermentation, gas, and bloating. Fermentation could also lead to yeast overgrowth!

  6. Sports drinks

    Unlike sodas, these drinks are marketed as healthy and full of electrolytes. Unless you are training to be Superwoman, your body doesn’t need the extra sugar and sodium. Always opt for water instead.

  7. “No trans-fat” / Gluten-free cookies or chips

    Gluten-free junk is, still junk. When a product claims to have “no _ _“, know that they might already use an artificial ingredient as substitute to make them.


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