7 Ways To Not Cave-In To PMS Cravings

7 Ways To Not Cave-In To PMS Food Cravings

PMS cravings can upset your well-planned and maintained diet, but here’s how to ensure that you don’t let those hormones win.

Uh-Oh! It’s that time of the month again and your body starts making calorific demands on you. It might be hard to fight those PMS cravings, but you’re a tough cookie too. (Oops, cookie set you off again?)

PMS cravings are menstruation symptoms that signify diminishing levels of serotonin and magnesium in your body, leading to an urge to gorge on chocolate (for magnesium) and greasy, salty food (for serotonin). If that wasn’t bad enough, cortisol, the stress hormone spikes up too. The body goes into fight-or-flight mode, and that’s when it needs carbs and fat to burn and turn into energy, quickly. But PMS food cravings are natural and here to stay, unless you learn to combat them first. Also, check out how to overcome food cravings during pregnancy with these 10 simple tips.

Here are a few simple, tried-n-tested ways to beat those cravings. (Something needs to be beaten, we know.)

1. Improve your diet. Start with a heavy breakfast – eggs on toast, instead of cereal and milk.

Stock up on complex carbs, Sounds counter-intuitive, but it keeps you full longer, thus staving off the cravings for a longer time.

2. Get plenty of exercise, in sunshine if possible

Exercise, breathe, absorb the sunshine – this naturally increases serotonin levels, keeping cravings at bay. Also, keeping yourself physically occupied can boost endorphin levels.

3. Cut down meal size, not actual meals. Instead of three large ones, have six smaller ones

Eating smaller meals regulates blood sugar levels and doesn’t let them spike. Keep feeding your body every three hours, and swap those three large meals for six smaller ones.


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4. Have healthy substitutes

Have a salad for lunch. Instead of chocolate, have dark chocolate covered nuts. Instead of crunchy, fatty snacks try carrots dipped in hummus. Keeping healthier options at hand means you are likely to reach for them than other substitutes.

5. Drink plenty of water

Flush out the excessive cortisol by drinking plenty of water.

6. Don’t stock unhealthy snacks. If you don’t have it, you won’t eat it.

If you have it, you will crave it. Not having unhealthy snacks on hand greatly reduces your chances of binging,

7. Plan your meals.

When you’re hungry and craving, you are that much likely to succumb and call for a burger or pizza or that plate of tempting chole-bhatura than if your meal is ready.

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