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6 remedies for fighting fatigue

Sometimes you only need to follow a few simple rules to get back in trim. So let's go!

Rule number 1: I'm careful with what I eat

Strengthen your energy reserves with a diet that is rich in fruit, fresh vegetables and whole grain cereals. If you don't have a huge appetite or if you are on a diet, go for food supplements with high vitamin and mineral content. Cut down on those lovely sweet things (candy bars, fizzy drinks, pastries) as too much of these is a cause of those tiredness peaks.

Rule number 2: I cut out caffeine 

Well known as a stimulant; caffeine increases the resistance to fatigue. But in high doses, it actually aggravates the problem. Thus, those who drink a lot of coffee (more than 5 cups per day on average) are more susceptible to fatigue that those who drink moderately (one cup per day).

Rule number 3: I drink lots of water

Water is absolutely essential to the body's equilibrium. It transports the mineral salts, the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs and gets rid of all the waste material. Any shortfall in water causes difficulties in recovery and thus increases tiredness. That's why you should drink at least a litre of water every day without waiting to be thirsty.

Rule number 4: I take part in sport

Contrary to common beliefs, regular physical activity does not tire the body out. On the contrary, you will be revitalised and your level of stress will drop - and above all it burns those calories! Thus reinvigorated the brain will release more of those hormones that bring that feel-good factor. And the bonus is that sport strengthens the body's immune system.


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Rule number 5: I go green! 

Nature provides plenty of anti-fatigue ingredients, the best known of which is ginseng. Ginseng is both a physical and an intellectual stimulant and is recommended when tiredness hits. It acts very quickly. Royal jelly is also a pure concentrate of nutrients and energy. It 'jump starts' general bodily activity and increases the body's ability to resist cold and stress.

Rule number 6: Fasting

A recipe as old as the hills: once a month, cleanse the body by fasting for 15 hours. Have a light meal the evening before. Take absolutely nothing after 9pm. The following morning drink just water until midday. By depriving the body of nutrients in this way, you help the elimination of toxins. At lunch-time, eat a light meal again. You will see - it's a great pick-me-up!

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