5 Weapons to Help Your Teen Fight Clinical Depression.

5 Weapons to Help Your Teen Fight Clinical Depression.

Depression is not permanent. With the help of their parents, teenagers can fight clinical depression and emerge happy.

Yes, you never thought you’d see the day your child is clinically depressed. Yes, you’ve given him/her everything you possibly could, basis your circumstances. But here’s the thing with depression; it’s a medical condition and isn’t your fault at all. And here’s another other thing about it; your child can get past it with your help.

So, how to overcome depression? These 5 things will help your teen get past clinical depression and develop a positive outlook towards life:


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  1. Hone Coping Skills

    It’s imperative that your child understands what coping is, and the fact that it is a skill that can be learnt. Once that’s ingrained, the next step is to help your child identify problems and develop behavioural tools to deal with them. Teach them stress management skills. This gives a problem-solution perspective to everything, instead of purely an emotional one.

  2. Idle is Not Ideal

    One of the best remedies for teen depression is to get your child off his/her butt. Things like doing the dishes, making the bed and taking a shower help them feel normal. Depressed people should never be allowed to lie in bed all day; it will make the situation worse.

  3. Silence Please

    Depressed children are often easily distracted and exhibit low concentration. Which is why, it’s important that they are in a soothing environment. If you try talking to them about coping skills when a lot of other distractions are present, it will be detrimental rather than productive. Take your child to a quiet room with no distractions; let him/her calm down before opening up to you.

  4. Moodiness is A Growing Pain

    Accept it, but don’t let it change things. Tell your depressed teen that you will tolerate moods, but he/she still has to do homework. Never let your depressed child shirk responsibilities through altering mood states.

  5. Sadness Is Human

    Let your child know that though problems can seem overwhelming, everyone gets past them. You should internalize the thought that sadness is just like happiness and every emotion; this prevents your child from attaching special importance to it. In fact, teach them that even intense feelings of any emotion can be experienced without it being considered unhealthy or abnormal.

Once you’ve done these 5 things, your child will find that clinical depression isn’t an insurmountable, intimidating entity. In fact, he/she will feel empowered to fight it and not let it take control ever again!

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