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5 Ways to Brighten Someone's Day Today

Learn 5 quick, fun and inexpensive ways to make a friend feel good today.

A simple kind gesture or small gift can mean so much more when the recipient knows you put thought into it. Some people, for example, light up when they see a photo of a shared memory. Others might appreciate a basket of fresh fruits and veggies. Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive to truly touch someone.

How To Make Someone's Day

Be Creatively Thoughtful
Opportunities for creative gifts come when you might least expect it. When you're baking or preparing a meal, for instance, make a little extra to share with a friend or family member. Or maybe you have a friend who composts and could actually use dried-out grass clippings from a dry spell.

A seasonal potted flower with a simple bow tied around it is a thoughtful and elegant gesture as well. They'll think of you every time they walk by the plant!

When you're outside sweeping (or shovelling) your sidewalk, spend a few extra moments to take care of your neighbours’ sidewalks as well. They'll thank you and probably return the favour in one way or another.

1. Homemade Care Packages

It’s hard to not get excited when we receive packages in the mail. Fill a few bottles or jars with cheery items you know your friends love and drop the packages off on their doorstep unannounced.

2. Give a Gift

A small, inexpensive gift you make yourself always has a caring, personal touch. Here are a few ideas:

  • A hand-wrapped batch of cookies
  • Homemade bath bombs
  • A personalized coffee mug

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3. Send a Letter

With text messaging, emails and social media, our friends often already know what we’re up to, but sending a letter is more personal and intimate than most electronic forms of communication.

Sit down at your kitchen table with a pen and paper and just write. You might find that there are more personal things you’d like to say to your friend than you think!

4. Share Some Savings

Everyone loves a good deal. If you have friends who can’t say no to a bargain, clip valuable coupons or send over electronic savings.

5. Make it Personal

Sometimes the best way to reach out to someone is the simplest. Pick up the phone and call that special someone, or set a date when you can catch up. Meet for coffee, or take time out of your busy schedule just to stop by and say hello in person.

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