5 Ways Garlic Keeps Us Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

5 Ways Garlic Keeps Us Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Luckily for us, garlic has been part of our food since centuries. Besides being a tasty addition, this natural food has immense health benefits. If you haven’t been using garlic so far, here are several reasons why you should.

Yes, garlic has an immensely strong flavour and smell. But once you get past its pungent smell, the medicinal value of garlic is unsurpassed. As Indians we are rather lucky. Garlic is so deeply ingrained in our cuisine that it is actually very easy for most of us to get all the benefits of garlic.

It’s not just a modern discovery. Many ancient Ayurvedic books mention garlic in their health tips.

To truly reap the benefits of garlic, you must eat it fresh and raw. Ugh!You might be forgiven for grimacing. If you can’t handle the strong raw taste,it’s alright to cook it lightly too, the operative word being ‘lightly’. You also get garlicin powder, flake, paste and pill form, all of which are beneficial but not as much as fresh and raw. A word of caution though:don’t eat too much of raw garlic; it can cause a stomach upset. It’ll also keep people away from you.

Here are a few reasons to pop the piece in every day. You can chew on fresh parsley or mint leaves to counteract the aftertaste.

1. A booster shot to your immune system

Garlic is a very rich source of manganese, calcium, vitamin B1, B6 and C, phosphorous, copper, potassium, selenium and tryptophan. This little bud is packed with so much, it’s incredible.

2. Nature’s antibiotic

Garlic has been called nature’s antibiotic. Taken regularly, it fights against various viruses and infections, and offers relief for ailments such as toothaches, coughs, warts, nose congestion, earache and various skin infections. Remember, garlic is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis and treatment in case of serious illnesses.


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3. Works in detoxification

Taken regularly, garlic is an excellent way to cleanse your system. It helps the liver to release accumulated toxins from the body while also protecting it. Garlic keeps your lungs and stomachhealthy. 

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4. Garlic protects your heart

If there’s one food that works in every possible way to keep your heart out of trouble, it’s garlic. It thins blood and keeps you safe from clot formation. It assists the flow of iron throughout the body. It helps lower blood pressure, controls blood sugar levels and lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol. Lastly, it also protects your heartfrom free radicals.

5. Reduces inflammation

Garlic has a unique chemical compound that helps in reducing the painful inflammationthat people with arthritis are known to suffer from.

If you’re healthy, you’re ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way and are on your way to becoming wealthy. And after reading this, you know you will amp up the use of garlic in your kitchen. If that doesn’t make you wise, then what does?

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