5 Tips To Ensure Your Pregnancy Isn’t A Nightmare This Monsoon

5 Tips To Ensure Your Pregnancy Isn’t A Nightmare This Monsoon

With the arrival of the monsoons comes the onset of humidity, discomfort and danger for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is one of those times when you can’t really explain why you hate everything; you just do. It’s a complicated time, with a woman’s body undergoing many changes consistently. Come the rain and the complications multiply ten-fold.

However, if you’re sporting a baby bump, these 5 simple pregnancy precautions will do wonders to reduce pregnancy discomfort caused due to the rains:

1.  Hang loose:

With all the humidity and sweating, you can lose your mind during pregnancy. But you can keep your sanity intact by wearing loose cotton clothes, preferable a size larger.

2. Stay soled:  

Never walk around barefoot or in rubber soled shoes during the rains to avoid slipping and falling. This is the one time on earth that you just cannot afford to let go and be careless.


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3. Steer off the street:

Roadside food is unhygienic in the rains and poses a huge threat to the health of your baby. Steer clear unless you personally know the road side eatery owner and trust him/her completely. Even then, it’s not worth the risk!

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4. Neem knows:

Taking a bath with neem water is one of those lesser known tips that is extremely useful. Neem fights germs and bacteria like nothing else can and has been used throughout the annals of Indian history to cure many ailments.

5. Wash & sanitize:  

If you do step out in the rain, wash your hands and feet and sanitize as often as you can when you’re back home or indoors. This will help keep infections like conjunctivitis and viral fever at bay!

Make these 5 tips for pregnant women a habit and you will find that your pregnancy is as easy during the monsoons as it is during any other season! 

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