5 Things Your Man Must Know About PMS

5 Things Your Man Must Know About PMS Symptoms

Talking to your partner about your PMS symptoms helps him understand what you are going through, and gives him an opportunity to be supportive and not rub you the wrong way, unknowingly.

You’re volatile, unpredictable, unreasonable and as prickly as a cactus during your menstrual cycle.
Yes, PMS can wreak havoc with a woman’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Hormone levels are fluctuating, and the body is wracked by cramps, nausea, bloating and headaches. Any surprises women are sensitive?

If you’re in a relationship or married, chances of your partner being at the receiving end of your PMS are very high. Here’s how you can make your partner understand premenstrual syndrome better.
1.       PMS is not a joke and not to be taken lightly.
Not if your man values his life. There are plenty of insensitive men who believe women are mostly faking PMS to get out of sticky or tough situations. If a man had cramps for 4 days at a stretch, constipation or an upset tummy, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, backache and leg ache, and a totally involuntary, heavy discharge coming out of the body at any time, they would dedicate a national holiday in empathy.

2.       Explain the difference between being emotionally distressed during your periods and being distressed otherwise.
Hormone levels change, fluctuate, spike and drop drastically without any prior intimation. At one moment women are peaceful and calm, the next they are ferocious tigers, and immediately after that they are crying copious tears. That is out of your hands.


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However, every angry outburst, anytime of the day, month, year does not mean you are PMSing. You could actually be angry or upset at something tangible.
3.       PMSing women often have a higher sexual drive.
Just before the periods, a woman’s sexual appetite goes up. The body is primed for impregnation and if there’s a handy man around, it’s even better. This feeling drops drastically (in some cases) once the periods start. Your man should not throw it back at you, whine or be a baby if you do not want to get intimate.

4.       There is nothing gross or taboo about your periods. Involve him by asking him to pick up your supplies, prescription medicines, etc.
Periods are natural. To repeat a cliché, even your partner’s mother had it! If she hadn’t, he wouldn’t exist. It’s like any other bodily function, one that comes by every month. Getting your partner involved in purchasing your supplies, medicines, etc. will make him feel part of the process.

5.       Don’t be treated like a fragile, volatile person. 
Having said all this, a PMSing woman isn’t to be avoided (unless she has specifically asked to be left alone). She needs attention and pampering. Sensitise your man to be attentive to your needs.  A cup of tea, some books to read, a ready meal and a stool to rest those swollen feet are always a great idea. 

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