5 Nutritional Tips to Fast without Fatigue This Ramadan

5 Nutritional Tips to Fast without Fatigue This Ramadan 2017

While fasting during Ramadan has significant spiritual benefits, it can take a toll on your health unless it’s done right.

Ramadan fasting has many benefits - spiritual, physical, psychological as well as social. However, you may end up doing more harm to yourself & there can be serious physical problems if fasting and the breaking of fast are not carried out sensibly

How to Fast during Ramadan - the Healthy Way
These 5 nutritional health tips will ensure that fasting doesn’t get the better of you this Ramadan.

  1. Divide your food into three meals – Suhoor, Iftar and then dinner.  Don’t get lazy and miss the pre-dawn meal called Suhoor. This is what will fuel your entire day on your fast. Skipping this meal can leave you thoroughly dehydrated and tired.
  2. Fasting can deplete your body of precious electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. But don’t worry, fresh supply of vegetables and fruits can help you restore them without compromising on your fast. Cucumbers, lettuce, cauliflower, watermelon, strawberries and grapefruit are all great sources of hydration.
  3. At Iftar, make sure that your meal contains enough sources of protein like eggs, chicken and fish. This will help restore the depleted muscle mass from the fasting.
  4. Drink as much water as possible; this cannot be stated enough. 8 glasses of water before sunrise and after sunset are recommended. Do not indulge in caffeinated drinks like coffee or colas as they cause a loss of fluids. Also, avoid foods with high salt content such as pickles, salty crackers and nuts, and canned foods. 
  5. Keep your meals healthy by limiting the use of oil. Instead opt for steaming, grilling, baking or shallow frying. 

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