5 Homemade Life Hacks That Will Make Every Day Easier

5 Homemade Life Hacks That Will Make Every Day Easier

We’re always looking to make life simpler, but most solutions actually end up either complicating it or weigh heavy on the wallet. Not always! Here are 5 inexpensive (read free!) and very easily executable solutions to those niggling everyday problems.

Take a look at our list of life hacks and you’ll see that not everything that is meant to make life simpler costs a lot. Plus, there’s no fancy app or registration process or a complicated series of steps that leave you exasperated or confused.

Chill cold drinks in a jiffy:

If some guests show up unannounced or maybe you organized a party but in the frenzy of planning, forgot to chill those soft drinks, don’t sweat it. The solution is rather simple; just wrap wet paper towels around those drinks and put them in the freezer. They will be almost ice-cold in 15 minutes flat. Slurrp!

Peel a hard-boiled egg in a second:

Everyone continues to struggle with peeling a hard-boiled egg without knowing that there’s a simple hack to do it in a jiffy. Find a glass that’s small enough (a shot glass would be perfect) for you to hold between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. Next, put the egg in the glass, fill it with about half an inch of water and then place your thumb on the bottom of glass and cover the top with your fingers. Now start shaking. The trick is to shake it over a sink so some of the water that escapes through your fingers won’t be all over the place. Now just pinch the egg's shell right off and voila, your boiled egg is shell free.

Squeeze lemons over a grater to catch seeds:

A squeeze of lemon can add just the right zing your food needs but as you know, if the seeds get in the food they lend a rather bitter taste that’s quite unnecessary. Moreover, it can be quite cumbersome taking out all the seeds. So here’s what you do; the next time you want to squeeze a lemon over your food, simply use a grater as a filter. The seeds get caught in the grater and the lemon juice still drips down onto the food. Use a grater with large enough holes for the lemon juice to go through quicker, but small enough holes that the seeds don’t follow them too.


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Rubber bands can stop spectacles from slipping off your face:

Everyone who’s ever worn spectacles has faced the issue of slipping glasses. When you look down, the glasses slip right off your nose. There’s a simple way to solve this – rubber bands. A couple of twists of a rubber band each at back of the spectacles’ arms offers better grip and the spectacles turn non-slip. Plus it isn’t noticeable or uncomfortable either.

Make a penholder by taping a large straw to a notebook:

One among the many eternal dilemmas is that when there’s a notebook around there’s no pen and when there’s a pen around you can’t seem to find a notebook handy. The solution to this problem is a simple hack using a straw. Tape a wide enough straw to the binding of your notebook and presto, your penholder is ready. Now, you will always have a pen handy for those times when inspiration strikes or maybe information is to be noted down.

Someone once said, “Beauty is in simplicity”. We say these hacks totally prove it.

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